China's Anti-Desertification Battle
    2011-01-16 09:58:07

China's Hundreds-of-Years Battle agaisnt Desertification 

In northern China, residents who live in cities like Beijing are often plagued by sandstorms during spring.

The dusty weather reminds many Chinese of the far-reaching threat of desertification, which requires long-term efforts to cope with.

With more than one quarter of China's total land area covered by deserts and sandy land, the country's battle against desertification needs the devotion of millions of people and has never been easy.

Let's follow Wu Jia to take a closer look.

China's Countryside-A Land of Hope and Opportunity

As China's urban regions rapidly modernize, the countryside continues to lag behind with slow agricultural development.

While many college graduates avoid taking jobs in rural areas at all costs, some have decided to work on farms to introduce much-needed agricultural technologies.

Yingying has the details.

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