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2009-01-06 Graduates Facing Colder Winter in Job Hunting
    2009-01-06 09:53:16     CRIENGLISH.com

Hello and welcome to new edition of  Biz China on China Radio International. I'm Lin Lin in Beijing.

It is once again job-hunting season for college graduates. Though there is still one more semester to go before they get their diplomas, many students have already started the arduous task of looking for a job. It is estimated that more than 6 million new college graduates will enter the job market this year, competing head to head with another four million who graduated in previous years but still have not found jobs. Despite a limited number of employment opportunities, job seekers also have to face other new challenges in the job market --- lower salaries, fewer training opportunities and potential layoffs. These are the shockwaves from the ongoing global financial crisis. So what do companies, job hunters and the government have to say about employment supply and demand?

We'll try to find out in this edition of the program. Stay tuned.

  • For a college student, going to job fairs is one way to gain access to potential employers, where he or she can have a chance to talk to companies face to face. In the past two months, nearly 300 job fairs have been held throughout the country, and many of them are tailored to first-time job seekers. My colleague SYY was on a recent job fair in Beijing.  Let's have a listen what she found out there.

  • A report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences predicts a quarter of China's college graduates will have difficulty finding a job this year. So what has been done to create more employment and how will the government react to the struggling job market?  LJB has the story.

  • Finding a job in today's tough economy is a common global problem. In the US, key measures of consumer confidence fell to an all-time low in December amid a dismal job market and an uncertain outlook for the new year. In contrast to low consumer confidence, the growth of resume postings is the highest in recent years. So what should job seekers do to get ahead in job interviews, and which talents are most needed now? For more on that, Biz China talked to  Dinah Song, Client Partner in Korn/Ferry International's Beijing Office.

  • Now let's take a quick look at  recent business headlines from around China.... 

And with that, we have come to the end of another edition of  Biz China. If you have anything to say about the show, please feel free to contact us at bizchina@cri.com.cn. Reach us by post at English Service, China Radio International, Beijing, China. The postal code is 100040. You can also log onto our Web site, crienglish.com, to listen to this or any of our previous shows online. With program producer Chen Xin, I'm Lin Lin in Beijing. Till next week, goodbye.



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