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2008-12-29 Reform and Opening Up on Culture
    2008-12-29 13:19:07     CRIENGLISH.com

It was designed primarily as a way in which the government could rescue an economy mired in deep stagnation because of the Cultural Revolution.  But the implementation of the Reform and Opening Up process also created the reemergence of Chinese culture. Today, with the development of the media and the internet, along with a steadily growing influx of foreigners into this country, China and the Chinese people are now firmly integrated into the global society.  So how did this process evolve over the last 30 years?  And what is the current understanding of China around the rest of the world? 

Ni hao, you're listening to  People In the Know, your window into the world around you, online at crienglish.com here on China Radio International.  In this edition of the show we'll be talking about cultural development over the past 30 years.  So let's get started.


First we'll get a Chinese perspective on the development of culture over the last 30 years of Reform and Opening Up.  For this we're joined on the line by Professor Teng Jimeng with the American Studies Center at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

(Dialogue with Teng)

And after we take a short break, we'll hear from a pair of foreigners for their thoughts on Chinese culture.


Ni hao, you're listening to  People In the Know, your window into the world around you, online at crienglish.com here on China Radio International.  I'm Paul James in Beijing.  In this edition of the show we're discussing the development of Chinese culture during the last 30 years since the launch of Reform and Opening Up.  Now let's get a foreign perspective on Chinese culture.  First let's hear from a leading European Sinologist.  Dr. Harro van Senger is with the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law.

(Dialogue with von Senger)

Now we'll head north and talk about the development of China's culture with Dr. Johan Lagerkvist, Research Fellow with the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

(Dialogue with Lagerkvist)

And with that we close out this edition of  People In the Know, online at crienglish.com here on China Radio International.  Without Reform and Opening Up, the people of China would not have had an opportunity to expand their cultural understanding, and the world would have been robbed from understanding and exploring the wonder that the Chinese culture has to offer.  Questions or comments for us can be sent to people@cri.com.cn.  For Executive Director Zhao Yang and Producers Chen Mo and Xu Yang, I'm Paul James in Beijing.  Tomorrow we'll begin our two day look back at the major events here China and around the world in 2008.  We hope you'll join us.  Have a good day.



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