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2008-12-21 Tripitaka
    2008-12-20 15:26:57     CRIENGLISH.com
Hello and welcome to another edition of  China Horizons, the weekly feature program brought to you by China Radio International. I'm your host Du Lijun.

In this edition, we introduce you to how an important Buddhist scripture was discovered and published several years ago.

Then we'll share with you the story of an Inner Mongolian professor who determined to carry on with his life as well as his career despite serious illnesses.

And finally in our travel segment 'On the Road', well meet a travel fanatic and follow his footsteps and share some of his travel experiences.

For all this and more, stay tuned to  China Horizons on 'China Radio International'.

  • Tripitaka
    It is 1,800 years since Buddhism came to China. The Tang Dynasty monk and great Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang, whose long journey to India to study and bring Buddhist text back to China was portrayed in the popular novel 'Journey to the West'. All the scriptures that he brought back were compiled into the Chinese Tripitaka. Of the numerous publications of Chinese Tripitaka, the folk variation, which is called Jiaxingzang, plays a special role in the history of Chinese Buddhism development. In today's program, we introduce you to how the precious Buddhist scriptures were discovered and published several years ago.

  • The Story of a Mongolian Tough Guy Fighting against Cancer
    Seven major surgeries in ten years, the removal of an entire eyeball and almost total deafness in one ear have not affected an Inner Mongolia professor who determined to carry on with his life as well as his career. In today's program, we will share with you Jin Hai's story of courage and perseverance.

  • Beijing Silk Figure
    Beijing silk figures are a kind of artistic figures that originated in the Tang Dynasty some 1,500 years ago. They are delicate indoor ornaments and have high value for both collection and appreciation.

  • Zhang Baohua and His Love for Special Interest Tour
    China's western region of Xinjiang is a vast piece of mysterious land inviting adventures and explorations. The special interest tour in the region has become popular in recent years. Known as a travel fanatic, Zhang Baohua is an experienced tour guide working on Xinjiang tours.

Thank you Ning Yan.And with that we end this edition of China Horizons.

To listen to today's show or a previous edition, please visit crienglish.com. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can write to: English Service, China Radio International, Beijing, China, postal code 100040, or drop us an email at horizons@cri.com.cn. I am Du Lijun. Thanks for joining us, and see you at the same time next week!



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