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2008-11-30 The Sacred Home of Tai chi
    2008-11-30 15:10:41     CRIENGLISH.com

Hello and welcome to another edition of  China Horizons on China Radio International. I'm your host Du Lijun.

In this edition, we'll first take a look at the current situation and existing problems of China's migrant workers' occupational safety, health rights and interests.

Then we'll travel to the first village at the foot of Changbai Mountain' in northeast China and find out about its pure Korean flavour.

And finally in our travel segment 'On the Road', our guide Ning Yan will take us to the birth place of Tai chi, Chenjiagou village in central China.

For all this and more, stay tune to  China Horizons on China Radio International.

China's Migrant Workers

China's migrant laborers are mostly farmers from the countryside looking for jobs in the cities. They power the country's fast-growing economy by working as construction and factory workers, restaurant staff, domestic servants and drivers.

A Korean Village in Northeast China

Located in Jinlin Province in northeast China, Hongqi village is known as the 'first village at the foot of Changbai Mountain'. It is known for its pure Korean flavor because almost all families in the village are of Korean ethnicity. Liu Yan has more.

Chenjiagou Village, the sacred home of Tai chi

An essential part of Chinese martial arts, Tai chi chuan is considered a competitive sport and a great way to get into shape. In 1992, Chenjiagou in central China's Henan Province was recognized as the hometown of martial arts in China.

Thank you Ning Yan. And with that we end this edition of  China Horizons . To listen to today's show or a previous edition, please visit crienglish.com. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can write to: English Service, China Radio International, Beijing, China, postal code 100040, or drop us an email at horizons@cri.com.cn. I am Du Lijun. Thanks for joining us, and see you at the same time next week!



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