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2008-09-27 Guan Zhe and His Album, About Love
    2008-09-27 10:28:37     CRIENGLISH.com

The artist featured on today's   China Beat  is Guan Zhe, who just released his new album, About Love.

Guan Zhe has gained extensive attention on the Mando-pop scene for his writing and performance of the Olympic-inspired song, "Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing."[ Photo: baidu.com]

Guan Zhe has gained extensive attention on the Mando-pop scene for his writing and performance of the Olympic-inspired song, "Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing." At the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, this song heated the festive atmosphere to an even higher level. On today's China Beat, this young singer-songwriter, Guan Zhe, will join us with his new album, About Love and share his music stories. Don't go away.

(Guan Zhe'voice in) (Guan in Chinese)
"This album is titled About Love, and many of the songs relate to my own life stories. Love is an eternal topic for songwriters, but the love specified in this album goes beyond the relationships between men and women. It also means love shared with family, friends and extends to a wide range of adoration and admiration. With this album, I want to share both my love stories and my perceptions about love."

(A Colorful Time)

The new album also showcases the versatility of this young artist. Aside from exhibiting his richly-textured vocals, Guan Zhe takes the role of composer and lyricist on eight of the twelve tracks. The collection ranges from love ballads to pop, dance, and R&B.

The album opens with the song Colorful Time, which was inspired by a theme party.

(Guan Zhe)
"I was the music director of the party. The theme brought people back to the days of the 1930s. All female guests were in cheong-sam. I picked and remixed music from the 30s for the evening. It delivered a different feeling, watching people in traditional dress tap to the modern beats, and I got the inspiration for the song, A Colorful Time."

(A Colorful Time)

That was "A Colorful Time," taken from Guan Zhe's new release, About Love. The song lyrics go: Time flies and I was wondering who you've fallen in love with/I still lived in the old memories, but sadly I couldn't recall the clear picture of your face/the perfume you gave me wore off as time went by/I kept drifting into the illusion that you were still with me. The perfume in the song, Guan Zhe says, was a gift from his first love.

(Guan in Chinese)
"There is another song in this album titled 'Half A Bottle of Perfume.' It is one of my personal favorites, for which I wrote music and penned lyrics. This song tells the real story between me and my ex-girlfriend. It was about seven years ago, and I had found my first love in Shanghai. Reluctantly, we ended up separating because she had to leave the city for a new job. On the day she left, she gave me a half bottle of the perfume she usually wore. She told me that the lasting fragrance of the perfume would be like her presence beside me. "

(Half A Bottle of Perfume)

Half A Bottle of Perfume evokes a sentimental tableau of separation drawn from Guan Zhe's real life experience in love. Let's listen now to the song, Half A Bottle of Perfume.

(Half A Bottle of Perfume)

Guan Zhe says, About Love, is about more than just emotional love ballads; love here has multiple shades of meaning.

(Guan Zhe)
"One hit off the album is titled 'A Song For You.' It is a song you can dedicate to your mother, your romantic interest, or your friends. It is a song that wraps you with a warm breeze and sunny mood. I also want to dedicate this song to all my music followers in appreciation for their support. "

(A Song For You)

That was A Song For You, taken from Guan Zhe's new album, About Love. As the lyrics say, "with this song for you, I want to give you all the happiness." Guan Zhe hopes his music will brighten the lives of others.

(Guan Zhe)
"I'm a person who looks on the bright side of life. You see, orange is my favorite color. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. That is exactly like my personality. I hope through my music, my cheerfulness will make everyone feel better."

(Avenue Of Happiness)
The third track, Avenue of Happiness, is a song that takes listeners for a ride. The buoyant beat and catchy rhythm will lead you on a musical trip to happiness.

(Guan Zhe in Chinese)
"Every time I gear up for a journey, I play the song. It cheers me up and puts me in the right mood to fight for my dreams. I believe people listening to this song will share the same happiness. "

(Avenue Of Happiness)

With his optimistic outlook on life, Guan Zhe wrote many of his songs with passion and love, not lease of which is the upbeat Olympic track, 'Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing.' To wrap up today's show, we will play this bonus track off the album, About Love; and we hope that you will be inspired by the love that Guan Zhe describes in his music. This is Zhong Qiu in Beijing. Bye for now.



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