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A Dog in Australia Survived after Swallowing And Vomiting A Toxic Cane Toad
    2008-06-09 10:41:21     CRIENGLISH.com

An Australian dog that had swallowed a toxic cane toad whole survived and spit up the toad unharmed after being fed vomit inducing drugs.

Jackson Crews, the owner of the three-year-old dog, Bella, rushed the dog to the local vet for emergency treatment.

"She ended jumping on a cane toad and swallowing it whole, so I seen it all happen."

A local veterinarian Lisa Hansen said she thought Bella's situation was hopeless upon seeing the dog:

"They said rush it straight in because we knew that the dog had actually swallowed the cane toad and we figured oh well, not much hope."

However, five minutes after the drugs were administered to induce vomiting, the dazed cane toad came up, along with the meat pies Bella had been wolfing down.

Altogether the toad had spent 40 minutes in Bella's stomach. The toxins from a cane toad can usually kill a dog within 20 minutes.

Lisa Hansen said Bella's appetite might have saved her life.

"If she had mouthed it or chewed on it or stressed it in any way shape or form, she would be really sick now."

After being given more drugs to stop the vomiting, Bella made a complete recovery.




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