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To 2008
Connie Gibson - English teacher of Jiangxi Normal University
I believe the Olympics are an avenue of understanding and friendship between the different countries. And I also think that there are times there are peaceful protests and times when they totally get out of line like the young lady who was in the wheel chair...
Map of Nanchang
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Travel Tips
The cities main specialty is porcelain...
The best food areas here are along Xiangshan beilu...
Nanchang enjoys a warm climate and abounds in rainfall.
Nanchang is one of the most important transportation hubs...
The city center of Nanchang is located...
Jiangxi is Ready for Torch Relay
Torch Relay to Pass on Olympic Flame and Heroic Spirit in Jiangxi
The Olympic flame will be passed into Jiangxi Province from Fujian's last leg Longyan on Tuesday, starting its three-day torch relay in Jiangxi, the central China province from May 14 to the 16th.
2008 Memory
Connie Mom: Everyone Can Be Olympic Hero
She is a lovely American woman who exudes warmth and kindness. She is a renowned speech coach in China, and her students have won many medals in CCTV Cup speech competitions.
• Jiangxi Clay Pot Soup
Walking along Ruzi Road in Nanchang city, one cannot help but notice several giant clay pots simmering with fragrant flavor in front of restaurants. Inside these giant containers are a number of smaller clay pots that bear one of the specialties of Jiangxi cuisine - clay pot soup.
Folk Sports in Nanchang
• Kongzhu Becomes Hot in Olympic Year at Nanchang
Kongzhu, a traditional folk game which will be performed at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, is proving very popular among local residents of Nanchang. Kongzhu - which translates as empty bamboo in Chinese - dates back 2,000 years and is considered one of three major traditional toys of China along with shuttlecocks and kites.
Nanchang News
• Hot Air Balloon Tournament to Take Flight in Nanchang
• Human Dominoes Welcomes the Olympics
• Nanchang Man Completes 2008-meter Calligraphy Scroll
• Citizens Take Pet Pigs For Walks in Nanchang


Video Show  
•  Acrobatic Show in Dalian
•  Magic Show

Travel in Nanchang
Nanchang, a Revolutionary City
Nanchang was most famous for its merchants, alchemist and tea, and was one of the key transit stations for the porcelain, from the ancient town of Jingdezhen to the northeast, that so impressed the European world of the nineteenth century.

Poyang Lake
In late autumn and early winter every year, thousands and thousands of birds migrate over here and in spring of next year, they gradually migrate away. So far, there are more than 300 kinds and a million plumes of birds, among which 50 kinds are rare birds, in the conservation area.

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