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2008-04-19 Joanna Wang
    2008-04-19 11:32:40     CRIENGLISH.com

Hello and welcome to another edition of China Beat.  This is Zhong Qiu.

Taiwan singer Joanna Wang just released her first album, titled Start From Here. Gifted with unique jazz vocals, Wang earned her applause in her early teens; and when she was 18, she entered the music scene with her first full-length English album. Featuring 12 tracks, Start From Here includes three self-penned songs by Joanna and renditions of classics like Spandau Ballet's TRUE, Billy Joel's New York State of Mind and I Love You, Joanna's take on David Tao's popular ballad "Love is Simple". Adored by her followers as the Queen of Midnight, Joanna's amazing voice has indeed helped to relax tired spirits. With today's China Beat, we will talk with Joanna Wang and take on a jazzy journey through her crooning ballads.

(Start From Here)

The song we are hearing now is the title song, Start From Here. A story about love, yet, the caption may pun on how the young artist feels about her introduction into the music industry.

"Hopefully it will just give me more room for future album. Like you know, you've got established some working relationship with your label before you are given more freedom to make more ideal music."

(Start From Here)

Born in Taipei, Joanna Wang moved to California when she was about 7 years old. And her bond with music started early as she taught herself guitar.

(Joanna in English)
"There was a lot of fun (playing guitar)which made me happy, like a hobby. I didn't really think that much into it until 16 that I got this opportunity."

The opportunity Joanna Wang talked about was that her father, Bing Wang, who helped her step into the music business and prepared to release her first album, Start From Here. As a reputed musician in Taiwan, Bing Wang has worked as producer for many celebrated singers, such as David Tao and the girls band S.H.E. So it is no wonder that Joanna grew up with music around her.

(For No Reason)

The song we are listening to is the 8th track called For No Reason, which is a co-effort by Joanna and her father, Bing Wang.

"That song is about how I don't like how the media and the society in general take everything so seriously and they like to over-analyze every little thing which is actuality has no meaning."

There are three songs penned by Joanna Wang in the album. Lost Taipei is one of them.

"That's just how I feel about cities in general, not just Taipei, maybe Los Angles. I feel a city of its romance and loneliness and just cities with special mood to it."

(Lost Taipei)
(I Love You)

Aside from showcasing her own creation talents, Joanna Wang also has some renditions of classics like Spandau Ballet's TRUE, Billy Joel's New York State of Mind and I Love You, Joanna's take on David Tao's popular ballad "Love is Simple". The song we are hearing now is Joanna's interpretation of Love Is SimpleI Love You.

(I Love You)

When asked if she was worried that her recognition would be obscured by the original performer, Joanna Wang seems to be more concerned about music than her own ego.

"Actually I didn't think much about it. I didn't really think how people are going to react to it. I just went to the studio and did it. Cause they are good tracks."

(Stages of Flying)

Some critics consider Joanna Wang as a Chinese answer to Japan's Ono Lisa and America's Norah Jones. Her soothing voice can bring peace to the listener as it just reaches inside, penetrating the heart instantly. Joanna's music is like herself-simple and pure.

"I would hope that next album is more personal, an album of original compositions. At the moment, there are music festivals that have a lot of fun to go. Because people go there for music. That's what music festival is about. I think that's where you can perform the most pure music cause you don't do it for commercial reasons. You just go there to sing your heart out and play your heart out. "

Stages of Flying, which we are hearing now is Joanna's favorite on the deck as she says it is more personal. And with this song, we came to the end of today's China Beat.. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. You can email us at chinabeat@crifm.com. You can also log on to our website at www.crienglish.com and listen to our program any time, anywhere. This is Zhong Qiu from Beijing. Bye for now.



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