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From the Writer
Four Days In Guangzhou
Four days in Guangzhou are too short to know enough about the city, but four days are long enough for me to fall in love with the city.
Pearl River
It is picturesque, adorned by charming views.
Yuexiu Park
Nominated as the scenic park, it is considered to be one of the central parks in Guangzhou city.
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Started in 1863 and completed in 1888, it was designed by the French architect Guillemin.
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
A national major cultural relic of Guangdong Province.
Home Village
A theme park with precious cultural relics...
Travel Tips
Guangzhou: A Shoppers' Paradise
Wholesale markets of national importance are by no means rare in Guangzhou. Visitors are generally fascinated by the various kinds of wholesale markets on offer here. They are neatly bottled, colorfully packaged and splendidly showcased to attract passers-by. The Ram city is no wonder the shoppers' paradise.
Yuexiu Choir, Sing Aloud!
It is the locally famous Yuexiu Choir, a group with more than 200 members in total. No one would believe that all these excellent singers are merely everyday retired workers and most of them are over 55 years of age! And you will surely be amazed at their beautiful voice...
Impressive Guangzhou

Expressing His Love for Guangzhou via Music
My life was destined to be connected with music... I can still recall the taste, the sights and even the touch of those good old days. Every inch of my body flows with native blood. 

Antique Manic

Follow Mr. Zou's Guidance to Guxiangli
Zou Yongsheng, a native Catonese, has been devoting his life to collecting antiques. During our stay in Guangzhou, this busy antiques guru humbly offered us his guidance to Guxiangli, a cultural theme park full of antiques.
Pearl River Night Cruise

Pearl River Night Cruise
One can not be considered to have been to Guangzhou if they don't experience a pleasure cruise on the Pearl River, the third largest river in China and the largest in Guangzhou.