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About Jinzhong
Jinzhong is a city in the centre of northern China's Shanxi Province.
Video Clipping
Here to see a video clipping about Mt. Mianshan.
Here to see a video clipping about Wang Family's Grand Courtyard.
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Mt. Mianshan - a Wonderland on Earth
With a history dating back some 2,500 years, Mt. Mianshan boasts enchanting natural scenery and rich cultural significance. It is definitely a recommended stop if you're travelling around northern China's Shanxi Province.
Wang Family's Grand Courtyard: the Grassroots "Forbidden City"
The buildings occupy a total area of 250,000 square meters. That is as large as one-third of the real "Forbidden City". Considering this is a civilian residence, it's pretty remarkable.
Wang Family's Grand Courtyard, an Architectural and Cultural Treasure
Wang Family's Grand Courtyard stands out not only for its scale, but more importantly, for its culturally rich architecture, winning it the reputation of the "No. 1 civilian residence in China".

Travel Tips
Autumn is a good time for travel, the daytime tempera-ture in late October averages 12 degree Celsius...
The train rides take less than three hours and the tickets cost less than 20 yuan.
In Pingyao ancient town, you can choose to stay in an ancient-styled hostel.
Each kind of noodles is available with several sorts of sauces.
Shanxi people love vinegar and make the best vinegar in China.
Easy Travel at...
v Mianshan Mountain
v Wang Family's Grand Courtyard