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Dunhuang Media Tour
The historical city of Dunhuang is a renowned tourist city famous for its Mogao Caves. Once a center of trade between China and its western neighbors and the westernmost military garrison in China, Dunhuang was the most open area in international trade in Chinese history. The fine Buddhist art in caves, the imposing garrison forts, and the thrilling scenery of the desert and oasis, all of these make Dunhuang a must see on a tour to China. Today, Dunhuang people are busily engaged in preserving the heritage at Mogao grottoes and fighting the enlarging desert. Join CRI reporters for an inside look at the city of Dunhuang - the pearl on the Silk Road.
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Dunhuang Archeologist Peng Jinzhang
70-year-old Peng Jinzhang is a senior researcher at the Dunhuang Academy, China's largest academic institution devoted to the research of the grottoes in Dunhuang. Peng Jinzhang looks like a typical Chinese gentleman: grey hair, reddish cheeks, and thoughtful eyes.
Top Attractions
Mogao Caves-Shrine to Culture and Art
Travelers find the Mogao Caves a shrine of Buddhist art treasures.
Echoing-Sand Mountain
Have you ever heard of a mountain that echoes to the sound of sand as you slide down its slopes?
Crescent Lake
Just as oil and water don't mix, so do springs and deserts. But Crescent Spring is an exception.
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A Tour to the Hexi Corridor

History of the Silk Road

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