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Shaoxing Media Tour
Shaoxing has long been a cultural gem in China's coastal Zhejiang province. It is the home of a myriad of famous personalities from different periods of Chinese history. This water city with black-awning boats drifting in all directions helped to inspire the acclaimed writer Lu Xun in creating many of his masterpieces. However, Shaoxing is not all about celebrities. So what are the other heritages that history has endowed the city and how do foreigners appreciate the place? CRI will help you find out!
Brief Introduction
About 70 kilometers from Hangzhou, Shaoxing is sheltered by Kuaiji Mountain and nestled among Zhejiang province's abundant Yangtze-fed waterways. The architectural style and atmosphere is typical JiangNan, meaning the area south of the Yangtze river. This 4000-year-old city was established by the Yue Kingdom.
Wu Fenghua is a renowned Yueju actress from the Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe of Shaoxing. She is usually referred to as the famous "actor" of Yueju since she takes the male role in dramas. Wu Fenghua's acting abilities are superb. She does not simply act out a part, she becomes the character. Over the past twenty years she has performed in over thirty roles. Yuejun is one of the most popular local styles of opera in eastern China. For this art form, most of the male roles have been performed by actresses.
Foreigners in Shaoxing
Bradly Rimmer is a photographer from West Australia. He has visited Zhejiang, including Shaoxing, along with other colleagues. West Australia and Zhejiang have forged friendship for 20 years.
Shaoxing Wine
The wine is popular along the southern stretch of the Yangtze River.

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