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Changbai Mountain

The Tianchi Lake

The Gorge

Little Flowers

Erman's Birch
A Fantastic Tour through Jilin
Before assuming the mission as overseas correspondent, reporters of CRI all have the chance to travel around China as a rehearsal. This time, our destination is Jilin Province. It was a wonderful experience! Follow me on a fantastic tour through Jilin.
An Introduction to FAW Group
FAW Group is a global leader in the vehicle manufacturing industry, with a fifty-year history of innovation.
Tonhwa Winery
Tonhwa Winery Ltd. has a history of more than 70 years. It used to be the biggest winery in China. It is still a unique winery, growing Vitis Romanitti, a variety of local wild grape.
Last Emperor's Last Palace
Changchun used to be a capital of  Manchurian State. Pu Yi, was China's last emperor.
An Eco-Restaurant
Unlike most restaurants, it is like a greenhouse, with all dining tables placed amidst flowers and green plants.

Five Female Peaks

The Rock

The Forest

The Waterfall
Images of Yanbian
A Fashionable Border City
Changchun Invites Travelers to Enjoy Cool Summer