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Ban on Smoking Affects Social Stability?
    2007-06-03 11:36:42     CRIENGLISH.com

Cigarettes burn in an ashtray. [File Photo: AFP]

China's Health Ministry has called for new regulations to control the sale of tobacco as the smoking population in China now exceeds 350 million.

Beijing Youth Daily quotes some experts who suggest that an increase of the tax on tobaccos could be an effective way to reduce the number of smokers.

But this opinion is disputed by a Shanghai tobacco corporation, that says raising the tax will only increase the financial burden on consumers' shoulders and might bring social problems with it.

As the nation moves towards implementing tougher measures to control smoking, especially in public places, some also believe the move could result in the reducing job opportunities.

It is thought that China's tobacco industry currently employs some 100 million workers. Some people question where these people would go if no-smoking policies were brought into effect.

Even though it is acknowledged by most people that smoking harms our health, quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. It is believed that the effective banning of smoking will be a gradual process. 



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