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No "Happy Childhood"  for Chinese Kids 
    2007-06-02 10:28:23     CRIENGLISH.com
As kids universally celebrate International Children's Day, one website, sichuanonline.com, calls for less pressure to be placed on Chinese children, thus returning them to a happy childhood.

It says nowadays, many children don't have an innocent look; they look more like adults, burdened by all kinds of pressure. They don't have a so-called "happy childhood", not like the one enjoyed by older generations.

As a by-product of their parents and teachers high expectations, many children immerse themselves in rigorous study. Many don't have enough time for sleep, let alone free time to enjoy themselves.

The article calls on adults to begin expressing real concern of their children, in terms of their study regime, mental condition, overall health, and free time.

It also calls on adults to allow children enough time for exercise and sleep, and to create educational and fun movies and literary works that they can enjoy.


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