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General Info
Henan Province is located in eastern central China.

Countdown to 2009
Cycling Without Borders
A wonderful Time of the Year: on Christmas Eve of 2008
Jolin Joins Warner Music

Manor of Millionaire Kang 

The Manor of Millionaire Kang, built in the Qing Dynasty, is located at the Kangdian Town of the Gongyi City.


Day 6: 2007 Central China Expo Kicks Off in Zhengzhou
The Expo aims to provide investors and businessmen from China and abroad with a comprehensive understanding of central China's investment policies.
• Ancestor Worshipping Ceremony Held in Henan
• KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan Arrives in Henan
• Colossal Emperors Gaze down on Crowds

Cultural Treasures

Tourist Attractions

Junket to Zhengzhou

Longmen Grotto

White Horse Temple

Shaolin Monastery

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• Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center
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Absolute Xinjiang

Rediscover Shandong

What makes you happy?
A recent survey shows that people feel the happiest when they reach their 60s and 70s. Is it true that we may ignore happiness when we spend all the time looking for it? [China Drive]
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