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Change with That?
    2007-03-07 15:15:46     CRIENGLISH.com

Change with That?
Are you getting all you bargained for at Origus Pizza restaraunt in Beijing? A young lady with the surname Lu doesn't think she did. She gave a 100-yuan note to the cash desk for a meal for two at the buffet pizza restaurant in Beijing, only to find the change to her was only 20 yuan.

The lady then made an immediate claim for the two fen change but she was surprised when the cash girl told her to help herself to the coins in a small box beside the desk if she needed it.

The Origus pizza buffet, along with Big, another one of the same kind raised prices in the wake of the increasing cost for the catering industry last year. Origus is 39.99 yuan per person from 39 yuan while Big changed their price tag from 39 yuan into 41 yuan.

But Lu says it is improper for customers to fetch the money themselves without a notice informing them of it near the box. An online post reading "Do you get the one fen change from Origus?" attracted numerous respondents, most of whom say they just forgot the coins because they thought it was troublesome to take coins. Others complained at the 39.99 price tag. "What not say it 40 yuan? Why did they bother to play the trick?" one man said.
Metro Paper Coffins
The Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department is planning to introduce coffins made of recycled paper. They say the paper coffins have multiple advantages over the traditional wooden coffins in terms of cost, time and energy consumption.

Currently, the average waiting period for cremation is 15 days. But if paper coffins are adopted, it may cut the waiting period to only one day, says the department.

Also, a paper coffin costs several hundred Hong Kong dollars, whereas a traditional wooden coffin costs several thousand dollars.

Admitting it's probably difficult to change a tradition, the department says it will start using paper coffins with unclaimed bodies
Cultural Venues a Hit
They were a hit! More than 90 percent of public cultural venues in Shanghai remained open to the public during the Spring Festival, serving nearly 730,000 visitors, up 47 percent from the same period last year.

The city's 52 public culture centers and libraries remained open to citizens, receiving about 315,000 visitors during the Lunar New Year period, which fell on February 18 to 24.

Shanghai Art Museum, which didn't charge an admission fee for the first 3 days during the previous Spring Festival, extended its free service to cover the whole holiday this year. Four exhibitions were held during the holiday, a real feast for art lovers.

Cultural events featuring New Year's tradition or customs arranged by public cultural sites were particularly popular among locals. The city plans to adopt the opening hours and service quality of public cultural venues as a main criterion for the performance of district and county-level cultural bureaus. As well, people working in public cultural sites will receive training this year to better serve the public next year.



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