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Tourist Enjoy Toilet Tricycles
    2007-03-02 19:52:16     CRIENGLISH.com

  • Diners Safer with Boxes

No need to worry about their stuff being stolen while they eat. Diners at some Beijing restaurants are now able to enjoy dining out without worrying about becoming targets of pickpockets thanks to storage boxes, provided by the restaurants, to put their loose items like purses, bags, keys, etc. into.

Forty-eight restaurants in the Chinese capital's Guanganmennei area are now equipped with cane boxes, each measuring 60 by 50 by 50 centimeters. The box can store diners' belongings and also acts as a seat while they eat.

District police started promoting the use of the boxes in January last year when pickpockets were running rampant in the bustling dining area.

No cases were reported in three pilot restaurants in the first three months, while previously the spots suffered from frequent cases of diners losing laptops and purses.

Police say the number of cases in these restaurants dropped 65 percent last year compared to the year before.

  • Women Only Job Fair

Job seekers were all smiles at a job fair in Xuchang in central China's Henan province this week. One catch though, all those looking for work were female.

The women only job fair was part of the activities in advance of the 97th annual Women's Day.

Women job seekers look at recruitment information and also learned more about prospective employers and positions.

Xuchang holds this special job fair and provides several training services in order to establish a two-way platform for female job seekers to communicate with employers.

  • Tourist Enjoy Toilet Tricycles

Going to the bathroom is getting easier for some in Beijing.

The city is providing tricycles solely to be used to get visitors to the city to the nearest restroom.

The tricycles will serve as free toilet guides for visitors to Beijing's popular Shichahai area.

The battery-driven vehicles are believed to be hugely convenient to those dying for a leak.

  • Text Message Holiday Fever

Traditional new year's greeting calls have given way to text messages. China's two mobile operators claimed each mobile phone user sent 33 text messages on average over the seven-day new year holiday.
Dozens of them came in at the same time.
Around midnight on Chinese New Year's Eve, text messages couldn't even be sent because of the network jam.

"I sent out far more text messages than usual. I have a service package that charges 20 yuan a month for 300 messages, but I sent out hundreds of them every single day last week."

Most of the messages were new year greetings. Some were very traditional, while others were very creative.

"Happy New Year! Wishing you a healthy and better new year. That's all."

"Some of them were jokes that brought greetings at the same time. They were nice."
Sadly, most of the written greetings were copied from others and sent out to a number of people at the same time. It's not much of a surprise to get the same message over and over.

"Usually, they slip out of my mind quickly and I delete them, but I keep the touching ones written only for me."

"I prefer copying written messages and sending them out because they have great variety. I myself wouldn't have so much to say."

"I find the same messages lack creativity, but I don't have any aversion toward them."

The new way of delivering new year greetings has never been more popular despite their detractors, who say they are impersonal.

Still, more people are in favor of them because there is no better way to be convenient and economical.

"Text messages reach more people, especially colleagues. We see our relatives during the holidays, not colleagues."

"It's purely a waste of time. I won't reply to any of them. Making a phone call is so convenient already."

"It costs more to make a phone call."

"I can send text messages while I'm taking a walk with others, but talking over the phone is not practical all the time."

This Sunday will be another big day of the festival season: the Lantern Festival. It also brings an end to the new year's celebration.

Get your cell phone ready for more message greetings.



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