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Baby-Care Counseling
    2007-02-28 14:19:21     CRIENGLISH.com
First-time parents often quickly run out of excitement after having a newborn. They have to face bigger problems: how to deal with the fragile new little creature. Baby-care counseling has emerged as a new profession to help new parents. Let's hear more from Wang Jing.

This is a baby-care center in the western part of Beijing, one of hundreds across the city.

Yan Na is a nurse, or rather, baby-care counselor as she is called in "Dongfang Aiying." She talks to two mothers about the problems they have in parenting.

"Parents are the best teachers of their own babies. What we are doing here is to tell them what their babies are expected to do at a particular age."

Wei Xiaomei is the mother of a one-year-old boy. Her focus now is simply to stop the baby from crying.

"I have little knowledge about parenting. Some of the tips from the books are not practical. My boy is over one year old now. I don't know how to play with him and how to communicate with him."

According to baby-care experts, early education for children is of utmost importance. Chen Gang works for a council that issues qualification certificates for the new profession.

"The age between 0 to 3 is the most important developmental phase for a person. Over 60 to 70 percent of the brain takes shape during this period of time. The special period lays a foundation for the makeup of a person's future habits and personal characteristics."

Baby-care counselors are designed to help bring out the top potential of a person from the start.

Yan Na says babies with proper music education at early ages do show a difference in musical talent from those who don't.

"Babies who attended the early-stage music classes have a much better grasp of rhythms."

Although the games seem to be nothing special, Luo Wei, mother of a 10-month-old baby, says the designs do have their special purpose.

"They will tell us what is carried in the game. For instance, the game just now exercises the baby's fingers and toes, something I myself would never have known."

Beijing now has about 1,800 baby-care counselors who've passed the qualification test. A lot of them work in baby-care centers like Dongfang Aiying and some offer visiting services.

Mr. Wang has invited a professional baby-care counsellor over to his home to demonstrate the right way to hold a baby. He said it works well.

"She could barely look up an hour ago. But she can now."

Professional guidance comes at a "good" price. A 45-minute class at baby-care center costs about 80 yuan. A visiting counselor costs between 60 to 200 yuan an hour.

If you believe your baby is one hour behind if it starts receiving education one hour after it is born, you could try turning to a professional counselor as well.

For China Drive, I'm Wang Jing, CRI News.


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