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The Boss Treats Migrant Workers
    2007-02-19 17:28:32     CRIENGLISH.com

A construction industry boss in Sichuan province has provided a year-end feast for all the migrant workers working for him. It has costs him nearly 200 thousand yuan. Is this just a show? Or is this really one big shot’s way of expressing sincere acknowledgment? This act has aroused a lot of discussion in the Chinese media.


Michael will take a look in today's media spin.

Construction workers enjoy the year-end feast offered by their employer in Chengdu of southwest China's Sichuan province February 5, 2007. [Photo: qq.com]

An article from The Beijing News quotes the boss himself saying he was once one of those migrant workers, so he is aware of the hardship they are experiencing. The paper comments that the man just wants to thank his employees and wish them a happy new year. The writer highly praises the boss’s behavior, saying he is rather moved.


A commentary from Foshan Daily says that in a society where migrant workers often need to beg their bosses for tiny salaries, treating them in this ways represents a particularly positive act. It points out that migrant workers have often been discriminated against by their bosses. And unlike the majority of such bosses, this man has shown respect in the form of a dinner which they deserve.

An opinion from Sichuan Newsnet likewise denies the viewpoint that the boss is pretending. It notes that the man has lit up the faces of migrant workers with pleasure. The paper says it's essentially different from a show. If some people want to regard it as a show, the paper hopes more bosses will do similar shows.

One article from Nanguo Morining Post says it's easy to understand the deed. The fortune of the boss is made by the migrant workers, so he's showing his apprecialtion. It's only natural that a boss be nice to his hardworking emplyees.

The only problem is not all the migrant workers have been treated accordingly. So comes the public reaction to this specific year-end feast.

The paper says treating migrant workers with respect is treating ourselves with respect.

《南国早报》指出老板的财富是员工创造的,农民工是私营老板的员工,老板厚待他们是应该的。 善待农民工就是善待我们自己。



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