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Bicyle or Not?
    2007-01-02 14:26:36     CRIENGLISH.com

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China has long been known as the "Kingdom of Bicycles." However, cars are quickly driving bikes away from big cities. This has raised concerns for many people.

A senior Guangzhou government official recently said at a press conference that the city will restrict the use of bicycles on main streets to ensure smooth traffic. At the same time, special bikes lanes will be designated in residential areas so people there can take a ride during their leisure time.

An editorial in Dahe Daily says the official should remember that, in China, the main function of a bicycle is not for fun; rather, it remains a tool for transportation. Although there are quite a number of people with private cars, more people rely on bikes in everyday life.

One article from Xinhuanet says for lower income groups, cycling is the most convenient and economic way of transportation. City streets are public resources. And poor people have the same rights to those resources. The reduction in bike lanes from public roads directly hurts their interests.

Another editorial from the same website points out the disappearance of the bike lane has in fact deprived poor people of their right to choose. Cycling is a convenient and environmentally friendly means of transportation, and, an even more important reason for its existence is that it's the right of the public.

Another article from Youth Times says many western countries are returning to bikes after being on wheels for decades.
It has been proven that a transportation system combining bicycles with buses will effectively cut down on pollution and traffic jams in cities. The writer believes cities in China should also ensure there remains enough space for bicycles.



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