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"World Carnival 2006" Coming to Beijing
2006-04-28 10:19:32

This year's "world carnival" will open on 28th April, but with a very different style.

The world carnival officially announced earlier this month that this year, the 42 attractions of the carnival will have an Italian style. And 50% of them will be fresh to Beijingers.   

Zhang Shuhua, the president of the World Carnival Investment Company said, "The carnival in Beijing this year is totally new."

She also said that the carnivals that Beijingers have experienced in the past were generally European style, while this year, the style will be Italian, with most of the equipment coming from Italy, America, and Australia, 50% of which will be new to Beijingers. In addition, toys will be designed featuring some new cartoon characters.   

The carnival will be open for 4 months, from 27th April to 29th August. The venue will still be the north park of the Shi Jing Shan International Sculpture Park. And the surface and parking facilities will be the same as last year.   

The difference is that the game coins used in the past will not work this year, but the price will stay the same. And this year's carnival will last 123 days. The first items of carnival equipment have arrived in Tianjin Harbor, and tomorrow, they will be in Beijing.   

This year, the carnival will go on a national tour, with the first chosen venue to be Zhengzhou.   

The world carnival has come to Beijing for two consecutive summers, and received more than 3.5 million visitors.

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