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Plan Your Holiday

As the seven-day May Day holiday approaches, outings remain on top of many people¨s schedules this year. But when and where to go should be carefully planned, or you might find yourself caught in the crowds and may even spend a small fortune.

After all, having spent several years' traveling during crowded and exhausting golden weeks, you have become more rational about holiday travel. Relaxing and having fun now must be your top priority.   

Instead of exhausting themselves by taking a trip, many of you might have planed to stay around Beijing, or just staying at home and relax yourself during the holiday.   

CRI Entertainment sorts out some available options for whom choose to stay in Beijing. Enjoy your long holiday.  

• Festival Putting Rock and Roll on the Map of China
Over 20 years after the so-called birth of Chinese rock and roll, music promoter Zhang Fan and his legions of metal, punk and hip hop bands believe the time is finally ripe for a major breakthrough.
• Mickey Rivals Sea Lion in Golden Week
The annual Golden Week holiday of Labor's Day in the Chinese mainland will begin on Monday and it means many business opportunities to Hong Kong tourism industry, especially Disneyland and the Ocean Park.
• Polanski's 'Oliver Twist' to Debut in China
The new edition of the film "Oliver Twist," directed by film tycoon Roman Polanski, will be screened in cinemas across China beginning April 30th.
Outdoor Music Festival

Chaoyang Pop Music Festival

Midi Music Festival
Dashanzi Art Festival

Ziboy's Beijing And Global Photo Blog Exhibition

Sound Performance
Carnival vs Disneyland
The U.S. Walt Disney Co.'s 11th theme park in the world and first in China is your another destination option for your holiday.
Will this year's world carnival bring you a different style?

Top Live Music Bars in Beijing
Stage Performace

Forever TERESA TENG Concert

Russian Group Mumiy Troll

Chorus Concert by Lyon Children's Choir of France China Tour

West Side Story
In Cinema
Jasmine Woman
A movie starring Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has been cleared for release on the Chinese mainland on April 25, after a three-year delay caused by disputes between its investors.
Music Box
Set from late 1930s to late 1940s, The Music Box tells a Doctor-Zhivago-like epic love story. The movie begins with the Japanese invasion of China in 1937.  
The Korean-language "Daisy" is Hong Kong director Andrew Lau's ambitious story of a complex, surreal love triangle.