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About HK Film Awards
The Film Awards was founded in 1982 and has been incorporated into "HK Film Awards Association Limited" in December 1993. The purposes of the awards are to promote HK films locally and abroad, recognize outstanding achievements, encourage professional development and promote film culture. The Board of Directors comprises of twelve HK professional film bodies which includes City Entertainment, M.P.I.A., HK Film Directors' Guild, HK Theatres Association, Society of Cinematographers (H.K.), HK Stuntman Association, HK Screen Writer's Guild, HK Performing Artistes Guild, HK Film Arts Association, Society of Film Editors (H.K.), HK Movie Production Executives Association and HK Cinematography Lighting Association.

• Best Film: Election
Hong Kong director Jonnie To's crime film "Election" topped this year's Best Film Award.
• Best Actor: Tony Leung
Hong Kong star Tony Leung Ka Fai took home Beas Actor Award for his role in director Jonnie To's "Election."
• Best Actress: Zhou Xun
Chinese mainland actress Zhou Xun took home Beas Actress Award for her role in director Peter Chan's "Perhaps Love."
Best Film Nominees

• Initial D

• Election

• Seven Swords

• Perhaps Love

• The Myth
Best Director Nominees

• Adrew Lau, Alan Mak

• Derek Yee (2 Young)

• Peter Chan (Perhaps Love)

• Tsui Hark (Seven Swords)

• Johnnie To (Election)
Best Actor Nominees

• Tony Leung (Election)

• Simon Yam (Election)

• Andy Lau (Child's Dream)

• Tony Leung (Everlasting Regret)

• Aaron Kwok (Divergence)
Best Actress Nominees

• Karen Mok (Child's Dream)

• Sylvia Chang (Rice Rhapsody)

• Sammi Cheng (Everlasting Regret)

• Karena Lam (Home Sweet Home)

• Zhou Xun (Perhaps Love)
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