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Learn the ropes 掌握窍门
    2007-10-24 17:25:34     CRIENGLISH.com

摸到窍门[线索], 弄清内幕
出自水手,因为他们成天得和桅绳打交道。以前航船上的新手要成为合格的水手首先得学会怎样摆弄好几十根桅绳,把船帆升上桅杆,并固定在一定的位置上。在新手终于学会操作那一大堆桅绳后,也就是说,after he learns the ropes, 那么他就是熟知桅绳操纵的老手了。
You've worked here ten years now and you've certainly learned the ropes of running a chain store. You're ready now to be trained as manager for all our stores in the state. 他说:你在这儿工作十年了,也确实掌握了管理联锁店的诀窍,现在你已经够格学当经理,来管理我们在这个州的所有分店。 



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