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Prison Break



Clip 1

TBag: We can do a little divvying right here, then we'll go our separate ways.

Michael: Sucre, I want you to get us a car.

T-Bag: Wh-What's going on?  What's the plan?

Michael: I said, get us a car.  Looks like you've made some friends lately.

T-Bag: I don't follow.

Michael: That little set-up back there-- just a little out of your league.  Looked almost professional.

T-Bag: Let's say that's the case.  What's it worth to you to find out?  Because I am
in possession of some information that you might need, pretty.

Michael: Okay. Tell me what you know.  Maybe I'll let you walk…without the money.

T-Bag: Yeah?

Michael: Yeah.

T-Bag You're gonna let me traipse on out of here?

Michael: Depends on the information.  Who's pulling your strings?

T-Bag: You know, I got a hunch you're speaking with a forked tongue, pretty.
So I'm gonna tell you what, we go someplace public with a car waiting for me
to leave, and then... then I'll tell you. Deal?

Michael: No.

Divvy: Slang for- to divide up.  分配.  (After trick-o’-treating on Halloween night, many kids will divvy up their candies ) 


Set-up: 1. Preparations made in order to trick someone.  为了骗人家预备的图谋.  (In gangster movies, drug deals between factions always involve some kind of set-up on one or both sides.)

Out of Your League: Above your level or position, beyond what you deserve.  超过你的层次或地位.  (Apparently there are multiple levels of status in the dating world, because my friends always tell me that this or that girl is way out of my league.)
Traipse: Prance, flit.  腾跃,轻跳.  ((When I think of the word “traipse”, I think of bunnies frolicking in flowery fields, or elves dancing in sunny glens.)

Pulling Your Strings: Controlling you from above.  This word comes from the puppetry trade- the puppet master directs the puppet by manipulating attached strings from above, so that though the puppet dances below on stage, it is in fact the puppet master who controls all.   控制,影响.(I know that you don’t really want to be a doctor; your heart surgeon mom is pulling your strings, isn’t she? 

Forked Tongue: Slang for lying.  This comes from the biblical story of Adam, Eve, and the Serpent.  The serpent tempted Eve into eating the apple by lying to her and saying that by eating the fruit would give him eternal life.  说谎. 从神经的故事;蛇引诱夏娃,告诉她吃苹果会赐给她永恒的生命. (Don’t flick your forked tongue at me, I clearly know you’re lying.)

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