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Simone: Hey!
-Silence, as Isaac ignores Simone and throws paint over his paintings 
Simone: Oh God, what?  The silent treatment?
Simone: Oh boy… 
Simone: Isaac.  What are you doing?...  What the hell is wrong with you?  Isaac! 
Simone: Okay, stop.  What are you crazy?
Isaac: Clearly.  I don’t even remember painting these.  I was high, okay?  I lied to you.
Simone: Dammit.
Isaac: I’ve been chasing for months.
Simone: Well then get yourself back into a program and make it stick this time.  These are fantastic.
Isaac: No, they’re evil
Simone: What are you talking about?
Isaac:  What am I talking about?  I know what I’m talking about.  You see this?  Takes out painting.  Suicide bombing in Israel.  I painted it.  Three weeks ago.
Simone:  Yea, so?
Isaac:  So?  Hands newspaper to Simone.  That’s this morning’s paper.  Look at the number on the bus.  This happened yesterday.  Laughs.  Yesterday.
Isaac:  Something’s…wrong with me. 
Simone: We’ll get you help, Isaac.
Isaac: I’ve tried that twice.  There’s only one way left.
Simone: You can’t go cold turkey…not alone!  Isaac, let me help you, please!
Isaac: No!
Simone: I love you…
Isaac: I’ll drag you down with me, I swear to God I will.  Just leave me alone.
Isaac: Get out of here!  Now!

1. The Silent Treatment – Refusing to talk to someone.  沉默对持, 不愿意与莫莫讲话。 (I gave my girlfriend the silent treatment after she forgot my birthday.) “Oh God, what?  The silent treatment?”

2. High/Chasing – On drugs.  受到吸毒的影响。 (People who are high sometimes say funny things.)  “I don’t even remember painting these.  I was high, okay?”

3. Paper – Newspaper.  报纸的外号。 (Did you see today’s paper?  I can’t believe the headline.) “That’s this morning’s paper.  Look at the number on the bus.”

4. Cold Turkey – To be cut off from drugs completely and suddenly, as opposed to weaning off the drugs through a protracted program.  突然和净尽的戒毒。 (People who go cold turkey often lock themselves in a room until they are no longer addicted.)  “You can’t go cold turkey…not alone!”

5. “Drag you down” – To bring someone else along with you in your downfall.  抓莫人跟你一起失败。 (This company is going to go bankrupt, and I don’t want to drag you down with me, so I suggest you quit immediately.) “I’ll drag you down with me, I swear to God I will.”

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