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Clip 1

Lilly. Come on in.- Come on, boys. Erect me.
- She has gluten pains shooting out her eyeballs.
Where's Rachel?
l thought this drive would be good for us. That we could talk, at least tolerate each other.
Where is my granddaughter?
She bolted from the car.
You look really nice, anyway, Lilly.
l should have put her on a plane.
- Still smoke?
- No.
Did l ask if you still dye your hair? l haven't had a drink in years, in case you wanted to know.
- lt's none of my business.
- Yeah? Heh-heh. l brought you a gift.
- Oh, it's lovely.
- How do you know?
The ribbon and the paper. How's she gonna find me? She's only been here once. 13 years ago. Same as you.
Rachel is very resourceful. She'll find you when she needs you.
Why are children in your house?
They're my friends. Here, guys. l watch them till their mom gets home. This is Sam. This is Ethan.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is my daughter Lilly.
Traveled all the way from San Francisco, California, smelling of smoke. But she doesn't smoke.
OK, Mother, caught me.
Save the lies for something more important than cancer.
Why don't you go get the bags, you two?
Oh, um, you know what? Everything but the Louis Vuittons. They have "LV" written all over 'em.
- You travel with luggage you don't use?
- Oh, l'm just staying a minute. l have friends. They're begging me to come down to Salt Lake City and visit.
Good friends?
We keep in touch.
Well, it's worth the drive, then.
Bringing up the girl's bags. l think they got rocks in 'em.
Everything's exactly the same, except for the bird.
lt's a glass... bedpan?
Heh-heh. Crystal bowl. lt's classy.
- l thought of one for my mantel.
- Take this one, then.
lt's a gift, Mother.
lt's just there's so much on my mantel.
Well, look around, because l'm not taking it back.
Thank you.
lt's lovely. Nice, thanks.
- Thanks for the sandwich.
- You won't make it to your friends' before dark.
- That wasn't really my goal.
- Accidents mostly happen at dusk.
- l would guess morning.
- Well, you'd be wrong.
All in God's hands.
- That's what your father always used to say.
- Uh-huh.
Everybody's hands but his own. You never said anything bad about him
when he was alive.
Well, if l did, why would l say it to you?
Why say anything? Your granddaughter takes off when she doesn't get her way. She's easy to find, though. Just listen for a scream. lf she doesn't show up in the next few hours, call me on my cellphone, l'll turn around. Thank you for taking her. l hope it does her some good.
Did it do you any good?

“Where is my granddaughter? She bolted from the car.” 我孙女在哪? 她下车跑了

bolt from the blue
A sudden, shocking surprise or turn of events.

To start suddenly and run away:
The horse bolted at the sound of the shot. The frightened child bolted from the room.

“Rachel is very resourceful. She'll find you when she needs you” 瑞切尔很聪明,需要你的时候会找到你的
Able to act effectively or imaginatively, especially in difficult situations.足智多谋的
Her son is resourceful enough to mix well with all knids of people.

it’s another way of saying skillful or ingenious.

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