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A Truly Outstanding Article
    2007-02-09 16:53:05     CRIENGLISH.com

A Truly Outstanding Article

The trend in everyday conversation is to use grandiose words. "Outstanding" is new "good," "amazing" is the new "OK," and "huge" is the new "big."

I was in a restaurant in D.C. last weekend and everything I asked was answered in superlatives.

Me: How s the salmon?

Server: Fantastic!

Me: Does it come with rice?

Server: Absolutely!

Would a "good" and a "yes" have been sufficient? Undeniably!

At Starbucks, the smallest coffee you can order is a Tall. Tall would seem to indicate that there was also a short and medium, with Tall being the largest. But at Starbucks, Tall is small. Grande, which is both Italian and Spanish for large, is medium.

Likewise, at your local 7-Eleven you cannot buy a small: Your choices are Big Gulp, Super Gulp and Extremely Big Gulp. OldBananaNavyGap also did away with the small. You cannot buy anything from the chain stores that is really a "small." My father is an average-sized man. He hasn t gained weight (or height, for that matter) for the past 30 years. Ergo, his size remains the same. But in the same amount of time, his T-shirt size has gone from small/medium to medium to large to extra large.

Upon reflection, the reason for all this colossal-speak is clear: We are bored with our fantastic, wonderful lives. We want the next-next thing now. Now!

And we also want others to think that we still care, that we can still be delighted, that we know that everything is just great. Even when deep inside we know it can t be. Everything can t be great. Hence, we live in a world where extreme is ordinary, where radical is quotidian; exceptional is pedestrian. And to not be overly delighted by the mundane is appalling. It s horrific. And, Dude, that s heinous.

I m not scientist, and my methods of proof leave a little to be desired, or a lot to be desired, or an immensity. An to be honest, I guess I d rather live in a world where people were overly excited than depressed.

But listen to the voices around you. Listen to your own voices. There is nothing on the news that is good or bad, only things that are wonderful or devastating. Even the weather is either beautiful or horrible.

Listen the next time when someone asks you something and you agree, because when you could simply say "yes," instead you will say "absolutely" or "without doubt" or "Oh, yeah, unquestionably - absolutely without doubt."

Have people forgotten what it is like to be OK? Simply OK with what they have and who they are?

If everything is outstanding, if everything is the most amazing thing ever, is anything ever amazing at all?









在Starbucks咖啡店,你能点到的最小份的咖啡叫"高杯"。这似乎意味着还有矮杯和中杯,"高杯"该为最大杯。可是在Starbucks,"高杯"却是小杯。"豪华"--- 这个词在意大利语和西班牙语中是大的意思 --- 才是中杯。

同样地,你在当地的7-Eleven便民店里也买不到小杯咖啡:供选择的只有大杯、超大杯和特大杯。OldBananaNavyGap商店也废除了小号。在它的连锁店你买不到真正的"小号"。我父亲是中等体形,他的体重(或身高也如此)在过去三十年没增加过。所以他的身体尺寸没变化。可是在同样长的时间里,他的T恤尺寸却从小 / 中号增至中号、大号、加大号。





当下次有人问你什么而你表示同意的时候,你留意听听,因为本来你可以简单地说声"是的",可你却会说"绝对如此"或"毫无疑问"或"哦,是啊,无可争议 --- 绝对地毫无疑问"。





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