ace in the hole 秘密武器
   2006-12-06 17:31:41

A hidden advantage or resource kept in reserve until needed. The term comes from stud poker, where each player is dealt one card face down--the so-called hole card--and the rest face up. Should the hole card be an ace, the player has a hidden advantage. Hole here simply means "a hiding place." In the 19th-century American West, the expression was used to refer to a hidden weapon, such as a gun concealed in a shoulder holster. By the 1920s it had become a metaphor for any surprise advantage or leverage.


ace in the hole的意思是潜在的或者被隐藏的好处。来源于一种扑克游戏,玩家有一张牌正面朝下,如果它正好是一张A,那就对玩家有好处。Hole在这里仅仅表示“隐藏的”。 十九世纪美国西部用它来形容隐藏的武器。例如藏在肩袋中的手枪。到十九世纪二十年代,它渐渐表示所有让人惊喜的好处或者杀手锏。

例:The prosecutor had an ace in the hole: an eyewitness. 检举人有秘密武器(神秘王牌):目击者。


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