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    2007-11-20 10:44:15     CRIENGLISH.com

ARIES  (3. 21- 4. 20)

What's crucial now is not to move sideways in your career. If considering a change, make sure it doesn't land you in the same spot. Take the initiative in seeking viable opportunities, and the right one will eventually present itself. Your fascination with an offbeat or unusual idea is growing rapidly - follow your instincts to see where an opportunity leads.

TAURUS  (4. 21- 5. 21)

Don't be too quick to regret a move or decision you recently made. Whether in love or business, you're following a profound instinct. Only time will tell, but trust that it was the right move to make. Pay special attention to your health. Remember that a treat isn't a treat if we have it every day. Overindulging in foods that don't agree with you will lead to regret.

GEMINI  (5. 22-6. 21)

Discussions about improving your well-being are useful only if you're prepared to act. An area of your health can be vastly improved by allowing someone to help. Listen to what they have to say - their practical experience and insight will be invaluable. A surprise visit from an old friend late in the week works like a reviving tonic.

CANCER  (6.22-7. 22)

Looking after No. 1 will be a priority in the coming weeks. Wearing yourself thin and trying to be everything to everyone could begin to take its toll. Put up the "Do not disturb" sign and realize that you need to recharge the batteries. If getting away on a vacation is an option, don't delay in making the travel arrangements.

LEO  (7. 23-8. 22)

Leos are not easily beguiled, but after meeting a mesmerizing person early in the week, that notion could change. It's okay to surrender now and again. In doing so, learn something about yourself in the process. What happens next will make everyone green with envy. At work, deviating from your usual agenda uncovers a genius solution. Now that the transition has been made to tread a different path, you'll never look back.

VIRGO (8.23 -9. 23)

Be steadfast in financial dealings late in the week, especially signing contracts. Don't assume everyone has your sense of fair play. Any contractual agreement should be in writing, not on a handshake. With love, if you can isolate an area of difficulty that has impeded things until now, you should be able to take a relationship to the next level.

LIBRA  (9. 24 -10. 23)

Don't be tempted to measure life success by that of others. Quite often the things we don't have can prevent us from appreciating the things we do. Don't define your personality by your possessions. It's a futile exercise. What you do have far outweighs what you don't. At work, acting decisively will help speed you to a successful outcome.

SCORPIO  (10. 24 - 11. 22)

Generally, it's not necessary for a Scorpio to gain approval from anyone regarding personal affairs. However, if you can please a certain family member now, it will be of immeasurable benefit in the long run. They have something important to say that could change your life for the better. Late in the week, the stars will place a new friend in your path. This presence encourages a new vitality.

SAGITTARIUS  (11. 23 -12. 21)

Relationships at work can seriously alter the way you conduct business. Keeping everything strictly on a professional level will take the job to a higher level of expertise this week. Before overanalyzing a sudden change, wait a bit - it could actually work in your favor. With love, learn from a recurring problematic encounter in personal relationships. Perhaps it's time to change an outdated way of thinking.

CAPRICORN  (12. 22.- 1. 20)

Work presents challenges that may seem greater than they actually are. There's almost nothing too big for a Capricorn. Go about a challenge in your usual manner, by breaking it down into smaller components. In the end, the rewards will be far greater than anticipated. It's an ideal time to launch an ambitious plan, as an influential person becomes an important ally.

AQUARIUS  (1. 21 -2. 19)

To stay balanced in everyday life, learn to be active rather than re-active. It's time to start looking after yourself. There are many options to lower stress levels including health, diet and exercise plans - find one that suits you. As the week ends, a wish may be granted that makes you realize how strong the power of positive thinking really is.

PISCES  (2. 20-3. 20)

A business proposal is just that - a proposal. Just because someone offers you something doesn't mean you have to accept. There could be something even better just around the corner. Evaluate the offer on all levels, then consider the alternatives. With love, there is a lesson to be learned. Understand the process; it could mean a breakthrough in a relationship.



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