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• Equal Work, Equal Pay
"Equal work, equal pay" should be the natural order of things in a society. But in China, some employees of large state-owned companies and public institutions aren't receiving adequate payment for their performance.
• Dilemma of High School Education in Rural China
At this year's annual session of the National People's Congress, more deputies have raised concerns on the dilemma of high school education in rural areas of the country.
• Unified Pension Scheme Under Scrutiny
Chinese premier Li Keqiang has stated in his 2014 government work report that the country's old-age pension system is one of the "many problems which people are not happy about". At the ongoing annual session of the National People's Congress, many deputies are discussing how to establish a national unified pension scheme.
• What Does the Word "NPC Deputy" Entail?
CRI's reporter visited one of NPC deputies from Shanghai to take a closer look at how their suggestions are affecting the lives of Chinese people.
• Market's "Decisive" Role Gives SMEs Equal Platform
The next phase of China's economic reform has a key factor. That is to highlight the decisive role of the market in allocating resources. At the ongoing NPC session, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has reiterated the importance of market's role.
• National Advisors to Better Fulfill Duties
The main function of the CPPCC is to hold political consultations concerning the country's governance. But exactly what do all these political advisors really do?
• We Are in Action to Control Smog
Smog has been lingering over parts of China, especially the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas over the past year. The top leadership and common people have reached an agreement on smog control. Deputy is confident China can manage smog within 15 years.
• Give Wrongdoers A Sunshine House
The controversial "reeducation through labor" system, commonly known as "laojiao", was abolished last year. At the same time, China is trying to improve community correction procedures across the country.
• Anti-terrorism and Anti-corruption are Priorites: Chief Justice
The work reports of the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate have been released to the top legislature. Both documents are suggesting anti-terrorism and anti-corruption are high priorities for this year.
• Should "Naked Official" Be Removed from Position?
The fight against corruption is the issue the public seems most concerned with at the ongoing "two sessions". Political advisors propose that all so-called "naked officials" should be removed from their posts.
• China to Strengthen Environmental Law Enforcement
China's law makers are set to vote on the amendment of the Environmental Protection Law this year.
• Yao Ming Leads the Fight Against Ivory Trade
At the sideline of the "two sessions," former NBA star Yao Ming, who is also a member of the top advisory body, is calling on the Chinese government to fully ban sales of ivory.
• Provide Good Education for Each Children
One of the central government's reform goals this year involves balancing education resources, meaning to ensure each child in China has equal access to the best education possible.
• When Will the Dream of Owning a Home Come True?
Home prices are also a major topic of discussion at this year's "lianghui," or "two sessions."
• Xi Urges Opposition against Words, Actions Damaging Ethnic Unity
Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a new call for "resolute opposition" to any action that might damage the country's ethnic unity. The comments come on the heels of Saturday's terrorist attack in Kunming which left 29 people dead and 143 others injured.
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Media Scan
Seven Sentenced to Death for Drug Smuggling
A court in Shandong has sentenced seven people to death for drug smuggling; three others have been given death with a 2-year reprieve.
Survey Shows Excessive Intake of Aluminum
Residents of northern China and those under the age of 14 may be ingesting more aluminum than healthy.
• C4: Bad Boys
Join us for the latest episode of CRI's hilarious comedy news show.
• C4: World Cup Fever
Join us for the latest episode of CRI's hilarious comedy news show.
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