No Charges to Be Filed in Toddler Attack
Police in Chongqing said they could not file criminal charges in a case in which a toddler was brutally attacked by a girl in an elevator. Toddler Survives Beating and Fall from 25th Floor
Town Official Calls Locals "Shameless" at Expensive Banquet
A video showing Xinglong County town party secretary, Liang Wenyong, referring to constituents as "the shameless" while attending a banquet has sparked pubic outrage online, the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reported on Sunday.
Shanghai, Eastern China Brace for Typhoon Haikui
Shanghai and nearby coastal areas evacuated hundreds of thousands of people and ordered ships to port as China prepared for the arrival of Typhoon Haikui.
Breast Cancer Is Hitting Earlier
While the prevalence of breast cancer among women in Asia is lower than it is in much of the world, those who are hit by it in China tend to develop the illness at a much younger age.
Urbanization 'Threatens Food Security'
Blind and excessive land exploitation in China's urbanization may partially contribute to the sharp decrease of the country's arable land and pose a threat to food security, a senior official has warned.
China News
  • "Go Lala Go!" Theme Track
  •  2010-03-27

    Stanley Huang, co-star in film "Go Lala Go!", sings for the theme track 'Go'.
  • Du Lala's Bikini Scene
  •  2010-03-12

    Lead actress Xu Jinlei dons a bikini for a scene in her directorial production "Go Lala Go!", formerly called "Du Lala's Promotion", an urban romance film.
  • Go Lala Go!
  •  2010-03-09

    Click to watch the trailer for the upcoming Chinese drama film "Go Lala Go!", formerly known as "Du Lala's Promotion".
  • On-screen Lovers Xu Jinglei and Stanley Huang New Movie Released April 15
  •  2010-03-04

    Urban romance film, "Du Lala's Promotion," or "Du La La Sheng Zhi Ji" in Chinese, costarring Xu Jinglei and Stanley Huang, will hit Chinese cinemas on April 15.
  • Xu Jinglei Offers More Office Politics Advice
  •  2009-12-28

    The Chinese edition of Harper's Bazaar has named Xu Jinglei as guest editor-in-chief of its special issue targeting office ladies.
  • Patricia Field Offers Du Lala a Tasteful OL Look
  •  2009-12-23

    'Sex and the City' costume designer Patricia Field has headed up the design team of 'Du Lala's Promotion', a film adaptation of same-titled best selling novel directed by Xu Jinglei.
  • "Du Lala's Promotion" Stills Revealed!
  •  2009-09-17

    Check out the first batch of stills from the upcoming film 'Du Lala's Promotion' by actress-turned-director Xu Jinglei.
  • 'Du Lala' TV Drama in the Works
  •  2009-08-20

    Already a film and a stage play, best-selling novel "Du Lala's Promotion" is set to become a TV drama soon as well.
  • Xu Jinglei Creates High-Fashion Du Lala
  •  2009-08-07

    Xu Jinglei is working with celebrated costume designer Patricia Field to make her office politics film a show of office fashion.
  • Hip-hop Singer to Star in Movie Remake of Bestselling Novel
  •  2009-08-01

    Taiwan singer Stanley Huang will star in film "Du Lala's Promotion", which is to be directed by Xu Jinglei.
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    Tiger Wong Back with Her New Album 'Simple Or Not'
    Taiwanese singing star Tiger Wong was back in Beijing on November 27 and 28 for two good reasons.
    Duggy Day's Ski Trip to Wanlongbayi
    On Sunday November 21st CRI's Duggy Day headed out to Wanlongbayi which is located west of Beijing.
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