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• Australian PM Says Ties with U.S. Will Prosper 2008YY11MM10DD
• Philippines Expecting Bond with US Bolstered after Obama Takes Presidency 2008YY11MM08DD
• IAEA Expects More Co-op with Obama's Gov't 2008YY11MM08DD
• Israel Concerned about Ties with New US Administration 2008YY11MM06DD
• No Real Differences between Bush, Obama over Iran: Livini 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama's Victory Sets off Optimism in Latin America 2008YY11MM06DD
• Venezuela to Mend Fences with U.S. Following Obama's Victory 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama's Election Important for L. America: CAN Chief 2008YY11MM06DD
• Lula: Obama's Victory Recognition of Democracy 2008YY11MM06DD
• Mixed Reaction Appears in Mideast to Obama's Win 2008YY11MM06DD
• Iran Says Obama Victory Sign of Bush Failure 2008YY11MM06DD
• UN Chief Congratulates Obama on Presidential Race Victory 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama's Victory Shows U.S. People Demand for Essential Changes: Iran 2008YY11MM06DD
• Bangladesh Leaders Congratulate Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• Albanian President Congratulates Obama on Victory 2008YY11MM05DD
• Morocco King Congratulates Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• Israel Expects Special Bond with Obama-led United States 2008YY11MM05DD
• EU's Solana Congratulates Obama on Winning U.S. Presidential Election 2008YY11MM05DD
• Obama Victory Sign of Bush Failure: Iranian Official 2008YY11MM05DD
• Vietnam Congratulates Obama as New U.S. President 2008YY11MM05DD
• NATO Chief Congratulates Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• British Leaders Congratulate Obama on Election 2008YY11MM05DD
• Belgian PM Congratulates Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• Barroso Congratulates Obama on Winning Presidential Elections 2008YY11MM05DD
• Pakistani PM Congratulates Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• Indian PM Congratulates Obama, Welcomes Obama's India Visit 2008YY11MM05DD
• Philippine President Congratulates New U.S. President Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• Dutch PM Congratulates Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• Iraqi Government Welcomes Obama's Win 2008YY11MM05DD
• German Chancellor Congratulates Obama on Election 2008YY11MM05DD
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