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• U.S. Democrats Triumph in Elections to Congress, Governors' Positions 2008YY11MM06DD
• Bush Promises Smooth Transition to Obama 2008YY11MM06DD
• Democrats Solidify Dominance in U.S. Senate 2008YY11MM05DD
• U.S. Presidential Candidates' Views on Key Issues 2008YY11MM04DD
• Study Finds McCain Gets More Negative News Coverage 2008YY11MM01DD
• Economy Deals an Election Blow to GOP: U.S. Media 2008YY11MM01DD
• McCain Attacks 'Dangerous' Obama on Economy 2008YY10MM28DD
• McCain to Highlight Reform, Bipartisanship on U.S. Republic Convention 2008YY09MM05DD
• McCain to Accept Republican Presidential Nomination 2008YY09MM05DD
• McCain Nominated as U.S. Presidential Candidate 2008YY09MM04DD
• McCain Defends Selection of Palin after Pregnancy Controversy Stirs 2008YY09MM03DD
• McCain Monthly Fundraising Hits Record in August 2008YY09MM02DD
• RNC, McCain Campaign to Provide Relief Packages for Hurricane Victims 2008YY09MM02DD
• Obama, now Democratic Nominee, Faces Tough Challenges ahead 2008YY08MM29DD
• Australian PM Praises Barack Obama's Achievement 2008YY08MM29DD
• Obama Accepts Democratic Presidential Nomination 2008YY08MM29DD
• Dems Choose Obama in Thunderous Acclamation 2008YY08MM28DD
• McCain Extends Olive Branch to Top Democrats 2008YY07MM30DD
• Mccain Distances Himself from Bush's War Policies 2008YY05MM27DD
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