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• California Dedicated to Promoting Laser Technology 2008YY11MM11DD
• Gay Marriage Ban Should Be Overturned: California Governor 2008YY11MM10DD
• New York State Parks to Remain Open in Winter 2008YY11MM02DD
• Obama TV Ad Attracts Large Amount of Audiences 2008YY10MM31DD
• U.S. Spymaster Sees Danger in First year of New President 2008YY10MM31DD
• Californian Man Arrested for Sending Anthrax Hoax Letters 2008YY10MM31DD
• Two U.S. Men Charged in Plot to Kill Obama 2008YY10MM28DD
• U.S. Existing Homes Sales Rise by Largest Amount in 5 Years 2008YY10MM24DD
• 'It's Payback Time,' Letters to U.S. Banks Warn 2008YY10MM24DD
• Inequality in Major U.S. Cities Rivals Africa: U.N. 2008YY10MM24DD
• Powder-laced Letters Hit More Banks, N.Y. Times 2008YY10MM23DD
• US Uni Shut down Following Campus Shooting Reports 2008YY10MM23DD
• California Voters to Decide Fate of Bullet Train Project 2008YY10MM19DD
• U.S. Tightens Airborne Lead Standard 2008YY10MM17DD
• Eight out of Ten Americans Feel Stress for Economy 2008YY10MM08DD
• U.S. Budget Deficit Hits New Record of $438 Bln 2008YY10MM08DD
• Obama, Mccain Urge Raising Deposit Insurance Cap 2008YY10MM01DD
• U.S. House Approves Nuclear Deal with India 2008YY09MM28DD
• US House Approves 612 Bln USD for Pentagon in 2009 2008YY09MM25DD
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