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• High Turnout Expected in U.S. Presidential Election 2008YY11MM03DD
• 4,500 U.S. Voters in Mexico Cast Early Ballots for President 2008YY11MM03DD
• Venezuelan President Voices Support for Obama 2008YY11MM03DD
• Voter Registration Reaches All-time High in California 2008YY11MM03DD
• Obama's Campaign Steps up Canvassing as Election Day Looms 2008YY11MM02DD
• Obama, McCain Compete in Battleground States 2008YY11MM02DD
• Obama's Aunt may Be Illegal Immigrant 2008YY11MM02DD
• Obama Holds Lead in Keys States as Race Tightens 2008YY10MM31DD
• Palin Effigy Taken down amid National Uproar 2008YY10MM31DD
• Democrats Outnumber Republicans in U.S. Early Voting 2008YY10MM30DD
• McCain, Palin Criticize Los Angeles Times for Withholding Obama Video 2008YY10MM30DD
• Palin Implies Bid for 2012 Presidential Campaign 2008YY10MM30DD
• Obama Airs 30-minute Ad on Major U.S. TV Networks 2008YY10MM30DD
• Obama Tries to Close deal, McCain Vows to Fight on 2008YY10MM30DD
• U.S. Astronauts to Vote from Space 2008YY10MM28DD
• U.S. Presidential Race Uphill Battle for McCain 2008YY10MM28DD
• U.S. Presidential Candidate Claims Record-long Speech 2008YY10MM27DD
• McCain's Campaign Defends Palin's Fashion Expenses 2008YY10MM25DD
• Bush, Cheney Cast Votes for McCain 2008YY10MM25DD
• $150,000 Spent on Palin's Outfits: Report 2008YY10MM23DD
• LA Police Chief Warns against Pre-election Terror Attack 2008YY10MM23DD
• Major U.S. Newspapers Endorse Obama 2008YY10MM19DD
• McCain Offers New Economic Relief Plan 2008YY10MM15DD
• Obama, McCain Unveil New Economic Proposals 2008YY10MM11DD
• Obama Introduces Running Mate Biden 2008YY08MM24DD
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