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• Road to Become First African-American U.S. President 2008YY11MM05DD
• Obama Owns Election Night in Chicago 2008YY11MM05DD
• Young Americans Gather near White House to Celebrate Obama's Victory 2008YY11MM05DD
• Democrats Clinch Majority in U.S. Senate, House of Representatives 2008YY11MM05DD
• Obama Claims Victory, Says Change Has Come to America 2008YY11MM05DD
• Supporters Cheer for Obama's Win 2008YY11MM05DD
• Obama to Speak as President-elect on Election Night in Chicago 2008YY11MM05DD
• Bush Congratulates Obama 2008YY11MM05DD
• John McCain Concedes Defeat in U.S. Presidential Election 2008YY11MM05DD
• Barack Obama Wins U.S. Presidential Elections 2008YY11MM05DD
• Police Denies Bomb Threat in Supreme Tribunal of Elections 2008YY11MM05DD
• U.S. Electoral Vote Tally at 0110 GMT 2008YY11MM05DD
• No Surprise in Early Polling Results in Presidential Elections 2008YY11MM05DD
• West Virginia Votes for McCain 2008YY11MM05DD
• Polling Time on U.S. Election Day 2008YY11MM05DD
• Chicago's Grant Park Awaits Final Moment of Presidential Elections 2008YY11MM05DD
• Americans Making Historic Elections 2008YY11MM05DD
• Wall Street Rallies on Election Day 2008YY11MM05DD
• Skin Color, National Interest: U.S. Voters Say They Know Which Matters 2008YY11MM05DD
• 62 Pct of U.S. Voters Regard Economy as Top Issue 2008YY11MM05DD
• Kenya in Carnival Mood ahead of U.S. Elections 2008YY11MM04DD
• "Yes! We can!" -- Obama Ends Campaign with Stronger Call for Change 2008YY11MM04DD
• Obama's Supporters still Trying to Canvass Votes in Chicago as Polls Near 2008YY11MM04DD
• U.S. Presidential Elections Kick off 2008YY11MM04DD
• U.S. Presidential Candidates Travel across Key States 2008YY11MM04DD
• U.S. General Elections Kick off in New Hampshire 2008YY11MM04DD
• Obama's City Expects Record High Turnout on Election Day 2008YY11MM04DD
• Red, Blue, Purple States in Presidential Elections 2008YY11MM04DD
• Polling Time on U.S. Election Day 2008YY11MM04DD
• Obama's Grandmother Dies before Election Day 2008YY11MM04DD
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