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• New York Fed Head Picked for Treasury 2008YY11MM22DD
• Hillary "on Track" to be Next Secretary of State 2008YY11MM22DD
• G20 Summit Contacted by U.S. President-Elect 2008YY11MM16DD
• Obama's Weekly Radio Address Goes On-Line 2008YY11MM15DD
• Obama, Mccain to Meet Next Week 2008YY11MM15DD
• Hillary, Possible Candidate for Secretary of State 2008YY11MM14DD
• Obama to Resign Senate Seat 2008YY11MM14DD
• U.S. Missile Defense Chief Tries to Convince Obama 2008YY11MM14DD
• Clinton-Era Officials Lead Obama's Transition 2008YY11MM14DD
• Obama Designates Albright, Leach to Meet G20 Leaders 2008YY11MM13DD
• Obama Needs to Make Strategic Changes: Iran 2008YY11MM09DD
• Aust-U.S. Alliance to Continue: Australian FM 2008YY11MM09DD
• Obama's Election Victory Shows Non-white Voters' Growing Power 2008YY11MM09DD
• Obama's Remarks on Iran Nuke Issue Unacceptable: Speaker 2008YY11MM08DD
• Pakistani President Talks with Obama via Phone 2008YY11MM08DD
• Obama Not Likely to Attend Global Financial Summit 2008YY11MM08DD
• Ugandan President Urges Obama to Keep Africa in Prayers 2008YY11MM07DD
• Australian PM, Obama Hold Talks on Global Challenges over Phone 2008YY11MM07DD
• Olmert, Obama Agree to Advance Mideast Peace Process 2008YY11MM07DD
• Obama Moves on to Prepare for White House Life 2008YY11MM07DD
• Bush to Meet Obama in White House Next Week 2008YY11MM07DD
• Emanuel Accepts Nomination as Obama's Chief of Staff 2008YY11MM07DD
• Obama's Kenyan Grandmother Says Will Attend Inauguration 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama Unlikely to Change China Policy: Say Analysts 2008YY11MM06DD
• For Obama, Running Country May Be Even Harder than Winning Race 2008YY11MM06DD
• US Ambassador Reaffirms Alliance with Japan under Obama's Administration 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama Wins 52 Pct Popular Vote in Presidential Election 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama to Receive Presidential Intelligence Briefing 2008YY11MM06DD
• Rudd May 'Informally' Meet Obama during G20 Summit 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama to Wrestle with Huge Economic Challenges 2008YY11MM06DD
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