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• Obama: Handling Economic Crisis High on the Agenda after He Takes Office 2008YY11MM09DD
• Analysts: Obama unlikely to change US-China relation 2008YY11MM07DD
• Bush on transfer of power to Obama 2008YY11MM07DD
• Obama Elected US Next President 2008YY11MM06DD
• Bush, Rice and Ban Ki-moon comment on Obama's victory 2008YY11MM06DD
• Can Obama save the US? 2008YY11MM06DD
• 2008-11-06 Obama Wins the Whitehouse 2008YY11MM06DD
• U.S. Election Day 2008YY11MM05DD
• U.S. presidential candidates focus on states their parties lost in 2004 2008YY11MM04DD
• U.S. presidential candidates intensifiy competition in their respective battleground states 2008YY11MM03DD
• Obama Holds Lead in US Presidential Race 2008YY11MM02DD
• US President Delivers Weekly Radio Address 2008YY10MM27DD
• Colin Powell Says He Supports Obama in US Presidential Election 2008YY10MM20DD
• 2008-10-17 The US Presidential Election 2008YY10MM17DD
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