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• Obama Wants Trials of Guantanamo Detainees on U.S. Soil 2008YY11MM11DD
• Iran not Expect Much Change in U.S. Policies: Spokesman 2008YY11MM10DD
• S. Korea Denies Possibility of FTA Renegotiation with U.S. 2008YY11MM10DD
• Obama Needs to Make Strategic Changes: Iran 2008YY11MM09DD
• Israel Concerned about Ties with New US Administration 2008YY11MM06DD
• No Real Differences between Bush, Obama over Iran: Livini 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama's Election to Boost Ties with L.America 2008YY11MM06DD
• Rudd May 'Informally' Meet Obama during G20 Summit 2008YY11MM06DD
• Obama to Wrestle with Huge Economic Challenges 2008YY11MM06DD
• S. Korea Expects Obama to Contribute to Inter-Korean Ties 2008YY11MM05DD
• Russia Expects New Changes in Ties with U.S. after Obama's Victory: Official 2008YY11MM05DD
• Iraq Sees no Hasty Change in U.S. Policy as Obama Wins: TV 2008YY11MM05DD
• 62 Pct of U.S. Voters Regard Economy as Top Issue 2008YY11MM05DD
• Hamas, Fatah Say no Difference between Obama and McCain 2008YY11MM04DD
• US Election Outcome Bound to Have Impact in South Africa 2008YY11MM04DD
• Possible Washington-Tehran Talks after U.S. Presidential Elections: Israel 2008YY10MM24DD
• Rice Voices Concern over Failing Education in U.S. 2008YY10MM23DD
• Gates: 'Dramatic Consequences' of Failed Pact with Iraq 2008YY10MM22DD
• Colin Powell Endorses Obama 2008YY10MM19DD
• Bush: Time Needed for Credit System to Thaw 2008YY10MM17DD
• California to Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2008YY10MM17DD
• McCain Says He Is No Bush in Final Debate with Obama 2008YY10MM16DD
• Final Debate: Obama, McCain Clash on Economy 2008YY10MM16DD
• U.S. Author of Anti-Obama Book Arrested in Kenya 2008YY10MM07DD
• Obama Campaign Launches iPhone Application 2008YY10MM03DD
• 4 Arrested for Plotting to Kill Obama during Dems' Convention 2008YY08MM26DD
• McCain's Campaign Office Evacuated after Receiving Suspicious White Powder 2008YY08MM22DD
• Obama to Announce Running Mate via Text, E-mail 2008YY08MM11DD
• McCain Reiterates Opposition to Troops Withdrawal from Iraq 2008YY03MM27DD
• Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, Endorses McCain 2008YY03MM26DD
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