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• Barack Obama Takes over Newspaper Front Pages 2008YY11MM06DD
• Kenyan Newborn Baby Named After U.S. President-Elect Obama 2008YY11MM06DD
• Supporters Cheer for Obama's Win 2008YY11MM05DD
• Barack Obama Wins U.S. Presidential Elections 2008YY11MM05DD
• Obama's Grandmother Dies before Election Day 2008YY11MM04DD
• Ohio, Pennsylvania May Hold Key to White House 2008YY11MM04DD
• Schwarzenegger Pumps up McCain Rally in Ohio 2008YY11MM01DD
• Palin Effigy Taken down amid National Uproar 2008YY10MM31DD
• U.S. Presidential Race Tightens as Candidates Focus on Key States 2008YY10MM31DD
• "Barack Obama" Displayed in Clothing Store 2008YY10MM30DD
• Obama Tries to Close deal, McCain Vows to Fight on 2008YY10MM30DD
• McCain Loses Lead in Rural American Voters: Poll 2008YY10MM24DD
• $150,000 Spent on Palin's Outfits: Report 2008YY10MM23DD
• McCain Almost Heads Wrong Way off Stage after Final Debate 2008YY10MM16DD
• Final Debate: Obama, McCain Clash on Economy 2008YY10MM16DD
• Obama Winner of U.S. Presidential Debate: Polls 2008YY10MM09DD
• Obama Widens Lead in Key States amid Financial Crisis 2008YY10MM02DD
• Mccain, Obama Focus on Economy 2008YY09MM27DD
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