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• ASEM Resolves to Further Promote Interfaith Understanding and Exchanges 2008YY10MM26DD
• Barroso Urges to Tackle Climate Change 2008YY10MM25DD
• Chinese Premier Calls for Disaster Relief Cooperation Mechanism for ASEM Members 2008YY10MM25DD
• Asia-Europe Labor Ministers Pledge Better Migrant Worker Protection 2008YY10MM16DD
• Asia-Europe People's Forum Held in China 2008YY10MM13DD
• ASEM - LEMC II to Issue Declaration on Labor Issues 2008YY10MM11DD
• Chinese Opera 'Mulan' Debuts in Vienna 2008YY08MM31DD
• Dialogues between Asia and Europe Need to be Proliferated: Malaysian PM 2008YY04MM22DD
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