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• 30% Chinese Mobile Phone Users to Read through Handsets in 5 Years: Report 2008YY03MM21DD
• China's New Mobile Subscribers Hit Record High 2008YY03MM13DD
• Telecommunication Fees Drop by 53 Pct in 5 Years 2008YY02MM28DD
• Mobile Industry Embraces Touch-Screen 2008YY02MM15DD
• World's Mobile Phone Industry Gathers in Barcelona 2008YY02MM11DD
• Telecommunication Cost Down 13.6 Pct in China 2008YY01MM03DD
• China to Allow Fixed-Line Operators Access to Mobile Services 2007YY11MM18DD
• Mobile Phone Base Station Tests Successfully on Mount Qomolangma 2007YY11MM13DD
• Mobile Online Game Sales Surge: Research 2007YY10MM19DD
• IT Authorities Advocates Restructuring Telecommunications Industry 2007YY10MM18DD
• Skype and UK's 3 Working on Mobile Internet Phone 2007YY10MM15DD
• China's Mobile Phone Users Exceeds 600 Million 2007YY09MM16DD
• China to Restructure Telecommunications Industry 2007YY09MM04DD
• China Mobile First-half Profit up 25.7 Pct 2007YY08MM16DD
• Study Shows No Evidence for Mobile Phone Mast-causing Illness 2007YY07MM26DD
• 500 mln Cellphone Users Mark China's 20th Anniversary of Mobile Communications 2007YY07MM20DD
• Asia to Beat Europe in Mobile TV: Industry Execs 2007YY06MM23DD
• Malaysia to Manufacture World's First Wi-Fi Centric Mobile Phone 2007YY06MM20DD
• Yahoo to Launch Internet for Mobiles in 12 Countries 2007YY06MM20DD
• Crackdown on Theft of Telecommunication Facilities 2007YY06MM13DD
• World's First Solar-Powered Mobile Phone Developed in China 2007YY06MM07DD
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