Memorial Event Held to Honor Foreign Medical Experts during WWII

Photo Exhibition Marks War against Japanese Aggression in Beijing
• Japanese War Criminal Confesses to Slaughtering Chinese Civilians
A Japanese soldier admitted to a massacring and raping innocent civilians in China during World War II, according to a written confession released Wednesday.
• Japanese War Criminal Admitted Corpse Mutilation
A Japanese World War II soldier mutilated a Chinese woman's corpse by ramming a bamboo batten up her vagina "until it reached her intestines," according to his confession published by the State Archives Administration on Tuesday.
• Philippine Scholar: CPC Successful in Leading Chinese People Drive Invaders Out in WWII
A Philippine scholar has lauded the important role played by the Communist Party of China (CPC) in leading the Chinese people against imperialist aggression by Japan during World War II (WWII).
• "Flying Tigers" Members Attend Peace Festival in C. China
The fifth China Zhijiang International Peace and Culture Festival began on Saturday in Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County in Hunan Province, central China.
• Japanese War Criminal Confesses to Killing for Weapon Test
A handwritten confession by a Japanese World War II soldier confessed to brutal killing of innocent Chinese people to test weapon.
• Newspaper Hails Chinese Heroism in Counter-Japanese War
The People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China, will run a commentary on Saturday hailing the spirit of Chinese heroes in the fight against Japanese aggressors.

Nanjing Memorial in Global Limelight

People Hold Candles to Mourn Victims of Nanjing Massacre

China Marks Nanjing Massacre, Seeking to Promote Peace

Preparations in Full Swing for Memorial for Nanjing Massacre Victims

• Huge Crowds Expected for ANZAC Day Centenary as Australia Remembers Ill-fated WWI Campaign

• Re-enactment of the Historic 1941 Military Parade on Moscow's Red Square

• The 2014 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Marked in Ocala

• Auschwitz Survivors Mark 69 Years since the Soviet Red Army Liberated the Camp

Dark Lens: Japanese Troops' Looting Acts in China during WWII

Japanese Used Chinese Civilians for Bayonet Training

Comfort Women Survivors' Portraits Exhibited in China's Zhejiang

Nishio Katsumi

Suko Tatsuya

Nannba Yasutada

Kubodera Hisao

Ebato Takeshi
China-Japan Relations: A Historical Perspective
To fully appreciate the worsening Sino-Japanese relations today, the last causal factor one can dismiss is their historical past. Japan's invasion of China and the ensuing brutal occupation of Chinese territories resulted in the killing of millions of Chinese civilians.
Rosen from German Embassy
In January,1938, Rosen and other staff of the German Embassy returned to Nanjing. Then he reported to the German Foreign Ministry about the Nanjing Massacre.
The New York Times
The dispatch first reported by Tillman Durdin was published in The New York Times on December 18, 1937.
The American Magazine Look
The picture shows Japanese recruits at bayonet drill in Nanjing after the capture of the Chinese capital in 1938. They are using Chinese prisoners as their targets.
The American Magazine Life
A group of pictures related to Nanjing Massacre was published in the American magazine Life on January 10,1938.

Diaoyu Dao Dispute

Japan's Textbook Revision
Audio Reports
v Veterans of "Flying Tigers" Recall Flights over Hump during WWII
v International Assistance in War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression
v Memories of Blood and Terror
v VJ War Series Part II: How a Guerrilla Solider and a Child Oxherd Contributed to the War Effort
v UN Chief Lauds China's Role in WWII  
Video Reports
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Survivor Testimony
Nanjing Massacre Survivors' Testimony Documented
86-year-old Nanjing Massacre Survivor Attends Testimony Meeting in Japan
"Survivor Testimony" for the Nanjing Massacre: Xia Shuqin
Livecast Playback
[Playback]6th Press Conference on V-Day Commemoration
[Playback] China's First National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims
December 13, 1937
Japanese troops started the massacre in Nanjing on Dec. 13, 1937, killing more than 300,000 people in the following 40-odd days.
September 3, 1945
The Japanese army in China formally surrendered to the Chinese government on September 3, 1945. The day was appointed the national commemoration day of victory over the Japanese invaders.
Surrender Site in E.China
Trials of War Criminals
Starting on May 3, 1946, the International Military Tribunal for the Far East tried 28 Japanese first-level war criminals.
War Criminal Confessions
In-depth Coverage
2014-07-08 The 77th Anniversary of the Full-scale Japanese Invasion
2014-07-07 77th Anniversary of "July Seventh Incident"
Works Related to World War II

• "I Ceased to Be A Human Being" -- A WWII Veteran's Ordeal in Japanese POW Camp