Tourists play beach volleyball on a beach in Sanya, south China's Hainan Province, Jan. 12014. Many tourists come to the seaside to greet the new year 2014.
In the period of the Continental Civilization, land was divided by mountains and rivers into secluded pieces...
Sanya is enjoying success in the early stages of the transformation of its tourism industry...
Almost every unique place has its own special word or saying. At the Yanoda Rainforest on Hainan Island the word is "Yanoda." It's a greeting and a way of expressing good cheer to all those who say it. The Yanoda Rainforest is 35 kilometers north of Sanya. It's open to the public every day and since it opened a few years ago it has been a nice boost to Hainan Island's tourist economy.
Every city has an old street that carries the reminders of past glories, dreams and tells the stories passed down through generations. The streets may have declined or disappeared today, but the memories still remain fresh. But with whom can we share these memories?
In Sanya, on China's tropical island of Hainan, an epic redevelopment project is in the midst of transforming Haitang Bay into a booming tourist resort.
The picturesque city of Sanya, in Hainan, is quickly growing in poularity amongst young couples and honeymooners alike.
The tropical Island of Hainan is famed for it's seafood, but so many tourists are deterred from visiting the area due to what they feel are over-inflated food prices in it's hotels and restaurants.
Most people come to Hainan Island for the surf, sun and sand. But the island has a lot more to offer, beyond the beach.From rice paddies to coconut groves and ancient villages, you can see it all. And the easiest way to see it, is from the seat of a bicycle. So take the road less traveled, and get pedaling.
In California, Hawaii, Indonesia and Australia, surfing is a way of life. So with great swells, come great crowds. As a result, surfers are always on the hunt for secluded places to catch a wave. Now, they're coming to China. The country is even attracting the pro's, thanks to Hainan Island's international surf competition.
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For those traveling to the beautiful resort town of Sanya to relax on the beach finding an affordable way to do it can be challenging, but not impossible. Instead of Yalong Bay, budget travelers flock to the Dadonghai beach district.
Sanya is the number one destination in China for those in search of a beach vacation.  The resort town has something for everyone, and it's a great place to relax and get away from life in the big city.

What many people do not know is you don't need to be rich to experience China's most popular beach paradise.  One can actually enjoy the charms of Sanya for less than 500RMB a day.
A Bite of Sanya

When asked to recall a trip to Sanya, many travelers would talk about the impressive subtropical landscape in this tourist city in southern China's Hainan island province. But to newcomers, the local cuisine is equally attractive.

A Coastal Tourist City
Sanya is one of the three prefecture-level cities of Hainan and the southernmost city on the Chinese island. The city is renowned for its tropical climate and has emerged as a popular tourist destination, also serving as the training site of the Chinese national beach volleyball team. Sanya is home to small concentrations of Utsul people.
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