Customers enter the "Post Office of Love" in Haikou, on China's southern island of Hainan on January 1st, 2014. It is the first post office providing a personalized mailing service for lovers in Hainan.
Hainan is the blessed place where people can easily get food when they wake up in the morning.
The four major ancient civilizations were birthed between 20¡ăN and 40¡ăN...
A fisherman walks on the beach during the sunset in Sanjiang Town, Haikou island, Hainan province.
Qi-Lou, one type of the veranda style building, is derived from rainy, yet torrid, southern Europe.
Haikou International Youth Experimental Arts Festival, an outdoor arts festival aiming to boost local culture in Haikou.
Worshippers of Mazu, a Chinese sea goddess, perform a worshipping activity during the first Qiongzhou Mazu Cultural Festival in Haikou city.
Haikou In My Heart
Compared with other capital cities in China, Haikou's air quality is superior. Except for on cloudy days, the colors of the sky and clouds here are always an appealing blue and white. Take a deep breath and you will feel how fresh the moist air is. Breathing in such air may not only help one lead a longer life, it can also alleviate bad moods.
A Bite of Haikou
If you ask further: What difference does freshness make between your cuisines and, let's say, Cantonese cuisine?

The answer would be: there's no difference. Our dishes are actually part of Cantonese cuisine. All the dishes are fresh and delicious.
If you regard it as a 'tea house', it would make it sound a little bit highbrow; it is more like a breakfast tea shop. The tea house doesn't have a name and the locals call this kind of tea house as "Laoba" tea house.
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