Conference Urges Code of Conduct Online
Participants at a major IT conference in China have put forward seven proposals concerning code of conduct for the Internet community.
  • Mobile Internet Generates New Opportunities for E-commerce

  • Mobile Internet applications in China are not simply reserved for playing online games or checking the weather, they have also become increasingly popular shopping companions.
  • More Opportunities for Youth in Mobile Internet Industry

  • Smartphones and tablet computers are continuing to rise in popularity. People working in the mobile internet industry are optimistic about the future of China's mobile internet market, and increasing numbers of young Chinese people are seeking to enter the sector.
  • Protecting Online Personal Information

  • China has the largest number of internet users in the world, and cyber crime is on the increase as more people conduct banking online and log their personal information on computers.
  • Wechat, Weibo vs. SMS

  • Today, people in China have more choices when it comes to communicating, like WeChat and Weibo, which allow them to send instant messages via their mobile phone.
  • Time to Travel with Your Smartphone?

  • For many Chinese youth, a smartphone is not an essential accessory on their travels, but having one can come in pretty handy when entering unfamiliar places and situations. Insiders say the era of "traveling the world with a smartphone" is upon us.
  • Online Ads Could Have Higher Impact if Meeting the Targeted Customer

  • Industry insiders believe that digital video presents a big opportunity for marketers, since online viewers are receptive to ads particularly when they're seen during documentaries, films and talk shows.
  • Beijing Launches Platform against Web Rumors

  • Six Chinese websites jointly launched a platform on Thursday to refute online rumors, a move that an official has termed Beijing's latest endeavor to clean up the "Internet environment."
  • Half of Chinese Urban Kids Surf Internet

  • About half, or 52.6 percent, of kids aged four to six in urban areas of China know how to use the Internet, according to a report on the lifestyle of Chinese children.
  • China's Netizen Population Hits 591 Million

  • China's netizen population, the world's largest, continues to grow and reached 591 million at the end of June, the country's network information center said on Wednesday.
  • China's Online Payments Total 830 Trln Yuan in 2012

  • Online payment transactions handled by Chinese payment service providers totaled 830 trillion yuan (about 134.3 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2012, according to an industry report published on Thursday.
  • Beijing Bus Riders Get Wi-Fi Access

  • Beijing, capital of China, has introduced Wi-Fi service on over 1,800 buses running in 60 commuter routes in the city, people's daily reports.

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