China Fines Foreign Milk Powder Makers after Price Probe
China has handed down record fines worth 670 million yuan against foreign milk powder makers for price fixing. Fonterra, Mead Johnson and Biostime have accepted the fine and say they don't intent to contest the penalty. Special
• Fonterra Gets Further Hit as it Recalls Milk Powder in Sri Lanka
Fonterra, whose reputation has already been damaged by the botulism scare, recalled batches of milk powder in Sri Lanka Sunday as the country's tests show the powder is tainted with a farm chemical, another blow for the dairy giant.
• China to Tighten Supervision over Formula Production
Milk powder producers will be monitored more strictly and companies with quality or safety problems will be severely punished, China's food safety authorities said Friday.
• China Reports No Illnesses from Tainted Milk Consumption
No cases of discomfort or sickness due to the consumption of tainted milk powder from New Zealand have been reported in China, the country's food safety authority said Friday.
• China Issues Record Anti-Trust Fines to Formula Firms
China has issued fines totaling 670 million yuan (108 million U.S. dollars) for 6 baby formula companies operating on the mainland following an anti-trust probe, the country's top economic planner announced Wednesday.
• China Lists Domestic Milk Powder Production Licensees
Chinese food and drug authorities on Tuesday publicized a list of 128 domestic companies that are eligible to produce milk powder, in a bid to better supervise the production of infant formula.
• Fonterra Chief Denies Delay in Publicizing Contamination
Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings on Friday denied the company delayed informing the New Zealand government agencies and consumers after it found out some of its whey product was contaminated with a botulism causing bacterium.
• Fonterra to Conduct Formal Independent Review
New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra on Thursday announced a formal and independent review into the circumstances surrounding a global recall of infant formula made from its product.
• Mead Johnson Settles with China over Baby Formula
Mead Johnson Nutrition Co has reportedly agreed to pay a penalty of about $33 million to settle an anti-monopoly probe with China's regulator.
• New Zealand Unites to Tackle Fonterra Crisis
The New Zealand Parliament united Tuesday in supporting the government's efforts to stem the trade crisis caused by the Fonterra botulism scare, but opposition parties said they would be seeking answers about the issue later.
• Abbott to Recall Products after Milk Powder Scandal
Global health care company Abbott Laboratories is to recall 2 batches of its potentially contaminated milk powder products in China, according to an announcement released on Tuesday.
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• New Zealand Probes Fonterra over Food-Safety
New Zealand government has launched an official probe into dairy exporter Fonterra in connection with its tainted dairy scandal in China.
• New Zealand Tainted Milk
Fonterra, the world's leading exporter of dairy products, identified eight companies to which it had sold contaminated New Zealand-made whey protein concentrate.
• Fonterra Apologizes for Tainted Milk Powder Scare
New Zealand dairy firm Fonterra has apologized for its tainted milk powder scandal.
• Domestic Food Producers Regain Customer Confidence
Chinese food companies are struggling to regain consumers' confidence in their products amid controversial food safety crises.

China's importers on Sunday, August 4, began to recall and seal products produced by New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra due to safety concerns over its allegedly contaminated whey protein that could cause botulism.

The recall began after the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) announced a list of four domestic companies that have imported whey products that may be contaminated with clostridium botulinum.

Fonterra said that some of its whey protein produced in May 2012 was found to be contaminated with the toxic bacteria.

Imports of milk powder from New Zealand are now banned in China.

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